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Hi, I'm trying to crochet a lightweight jacket but I want to do it in a v stitch the pattern calls for hdc. The gauge given is 13 hdc + 9 rows = 4 in. How do I make a gauge for the v stitch so I know it will be correct? The v stitch I'm using is in multiples of 3. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I think you are going to need to do some swatching.  Is this a wearable?--if so, if you are off a tiny fraction on a swatch you could be inches off the chest measurement of a sweater, for example.  Make a swatch at least 5" in the V stitch, then measure how many stitches over the center 4" of your swatch (edge stitches can be distorted, which is why you want a tad bigger swatch than you're measuring.

What I do is find the stitch count of the project at an important spot - like bust measurement for a sweater, and figure out how to get to that measurement if I make changes.  Let's say a 40" finished measurement for a sweater is 200 hdc stitches per the pattern, that's 0.20" per each stitch, or 5 stitches per inch, or 20 stitches over 4 inches.  If your gauge with the V stitches is 4 stitches per inch (.25" per sttich), your piece is going to be 200x.25=50 stitches across.  If you wanted to keep that gauge, and hit 40", you'd have to reduce the number of stitches to 160.  Or, you're going to have to go down hook sizes until you get the right gauge.

There are all sorts of variation of V stitches (my stitch encyclopedia has a whole chapter of them).  The smallest I can think of is really 3 stitches: stitch-chain-stitch, skip 2 stitches, repeat.  So this complicates how you count stitches...

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What's the link to the pattern? 

May I ask why you want to change the hdc to a V-stitch?  Is it because you want the jacket to be lighter weight?  Is it because you like the look of a V-stitch better?  The reason I'm asking is that there may be solutions other than changing the stitch from a 1 count to a 3 count. 

Getting a gauge correct is difficult enough without complicating it.  Are you an experienced crocheter?  If no, I'd advise against changing the stitch.  Even if you keep it as hdc, use the exact same yarn and hook size as the designer, the gauge can still be off.  Everyone crochets with a different tension.  The purpose of the gauge is to find the right hook size for the yarn and pattern that you've chosen.  If you're very experienced, other factors don't effect your gauge as much as someone who is inexperienced.  Other factors include mood, time of day, where you're sitting, whether or not there's a distraction (TV, person talking, loud noise), weather changes (especially humidity this time of year), comfort level with the stitch, etc. 

If you really insist on changing it, GS gave great advice. After you figure out the gauge, take the time to completely rewrite the pattern with the new stitch and the stitch counts.  It's better to work out any confusion ahead of time, rather than after you've put hours of work into the project.

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