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First drop spindle yarn


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All of your posts in this sub-forum were so useful, Ijust really had to share my first attempt at spinning! It was 80g of romney fleece that the seller dyed 2 shades of pink:





I'ts very uneven (as you'd expect) but I've just wound it into a ball, and the end of the yarn is loads better than the start! :clap


It was so much fun! I spun 80m of the yarn in 24 hours. I just couldn't leave it alone - and now I've run out :(


I'm considering plying it with a another thin yarn with beads on, but first I'll have to see what it looks like crocheted up!


There's a little more info in this post on my blog

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fabulous :)


you mentioned in your blog about plying it, but also said that it was drying, so i guess you've already set the twist. by coincidence there was a post about this on the spindlers yahoo group today


edit: oops i should have asked permission from the author before i posted that, will reinstate if she okays it, although anyone who's interested should join the group, it's chock-full of helpful info and advice :)


just in case it's helpful :)


(oh and it was me commenting on your blog, in case you wonder who is this weirdo i don't know from adam :D)

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Yeah, my bad. The beads were an afterthought while I was (not so) patiently waiting for it to dry. I remember now that you need to ply before you set the ply - ahh, newbies ;)


I'll go check out that Yahoo group now, and I also found my local spinners and weavers group (although I think they also do any type of fibre art) in our local mall, they were having a little stall the day after I finished spinning the pink yarn! They were lovely ladies who spent ages talking to me while I asked a million questions about their spinning and other stuff. It was nice having someone IRL to talk to about these things :) sounds like I'd be the youngest member by a long shot, but I'm up for it!!


(goodness me! I'm waffling this morning!)

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I have a spindle....but haven't got the guts to try doing it.

I dare you to give it a go!! :devil


There's nothing like it, I mean, I couldn't get my fingers to do what my head wanted, but it still turned out okay - people pay a lot of money for slubby yarn, and I made it without even wanting to!


And if you do get bits that are too slubby, you can go back and pull it apart to make it a bit thinner. Imagine if you'd been too afraid to pick up a hook and give crochet a go :eek


It's loads of fun

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