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Some hats and my slippers


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I've been very busy beavering away and not been on the forum for a while



My feet were a wee bit chilly the other night and DH suggested I try making a pair of slippers to keep them warm.  As I had lots of leftover's and some recycled bits I played around and after a few tries I came up with my first pair.  I now think I can improve on my design as they are not perfect.










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The bottom gray hat I crocheted as a long piece but the stitches on the brim end were hdc, the stitches in the middle of the rows where dc and the stitches at the other end were scs.  When I thought it was big enough ie tried it around my head dummy.


I sewed up the seam then ran two strand around the small opening and pulled that opening until it closed.


I felt it was too long so turned over the brim and thought ahh that looks better it can stay as a Slouch beanie with a turned up brim.


That wasn't really what I intended when I started it wasn't supposed to be a Slouch beanie or sport a turned up brim lol.


Oh yes I crocheted into the back loops as well.

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