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Citrus Bag


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I need a new thing to lug my junk around in. At the moment, I need something for my lunch to hide in while I'm at the office most of all. A while back I was working on some crocheted food for my toddler to play with and one was a lime slice. I became fond of it (especially since my favorite, the carrot, was unintentionally thrown away when he saw us using the garbage can and we didn't know he knew things could go in it) and I decided to turn one into a granny square after I became a bit better acquainted with them.


Here is my current progress:


Six squares of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit sewn together down one side, and a seventh lime square is goodness-knows-where because some two-foot-tall monster got into my bag the other night. I suspect it may be in the dog's box since the trash can now resides behind closed doors in the laundry room.


I'm hoping to take a few colors to work tomorrow and make some more squares since my creative mood is swinging away from drawing and toward crocheting again. My current plan calls for 24, so I'm over 25% finished with the squares if I can find #7. Woohoo! They're about 4.5"x4.5", so I'm thinking about a 14"x15" bag when all's said and done before the stretching sets in from use.

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Finished! It's about 14" wide, 4" deep, and 15" tall with a 1.5"x27" strap. I used Red Heart yarn. Half the skeins used were given to me without labels, but I bought the yellow for the handle and it was Lemon.


Here's the front and back with my books, binders, and other stuff in it:


Really not a good idea for hauling heavy books with that strap. Maybe if it was 3" wide it would be, but a 10sts strap is much too narrow. Cuts into the shoulder.


Here's it flat:



Not a big fan of the backside. Too green. Made a goof with an orange slice square and gave it a blue background by accident, and wondered what would happen if I switched a few backgrounds. The result was gangrene. Shouldn't have taken two weeks to do this, but it's the mid-season rush at work. Long work weeks abound! Did get a few squares done during brief quiet spells at work.

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