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  1. I've re-edited my post to have the pattern I made then: Solid Circle, Base 8. Worsted Weight 4 Yarn, H/8/5mm Hook: row +1) [2 dc/st, dc (sts +1)] x8. sl st to close. = (sts +8). (size +1")
  2. Can we get the thread back on track and away from how much everybody hates how I translate patterns to something I can understand? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a verbose pattern and then break it down to something much more simple so you can understand it?
  3. I've got a handful of patterns ranging from basic geometic shapes to dolls that I'm working the kinks out of so I can sell the finished products, but I tend to get pretty discouraged about letting other people try them out to make their own things with. I'm generally not considered a good teacher and I seem to excel in confusing people because my way of thinking tends to be very different from theirs.
  4. If I had the knife for it, I'd love to try it. Or at least a whetstone. My poor ol' pocketknife is getting a bit dull.
  5. I think I saw one of my grandmother's books, and it was definitely one massive run-on sentence! I'd intended to do three, actually. A truncated pattern, a verbose pattern, and a diagram. The truncated would give them an idea of what they needed and what general direction they needed to go in, the verbose would say explicitly how to do it, and the diagram to show how it's supposed to look.
  6. I went looking for a simple circular pattern and got one mouthful after another. AUGH! Makes my head spin. So I figured up the average way to make a circle turned it into something much less wordy to make the pattern I'll use for simple circles: Solid Circle, Base 8. Worsted Weight 4 Yarn, H/8/5mm Hook: row +1) [2 dc/st, dc (sts +1)] x8. sl st to close. = (sts +8). (size +1") I can understand that. I find it much more straightforward and incredibly easier to write down for when I need to bring a pattern on the road with me but can't bring the book or ebook with me. It's also easier for me to figure up mathematically what I need to add from there on out to keep expanding the pattern as a flat circle. Sometimes when I feel fancy I'll put "sl st to close". I also feel freer to modify a pattern that way, such as starting a row in the middle of a side of a square rather than in a corner, since I'll know no matter where my ch3 is located my row will still add up correctly. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a verbose pattern and then break it down to something much more simple so you can understand it?
  7. Woo, congrats! Grandkids are awesome. I won't be free until after April. My day job has me trudging away at 40+ hours a week.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if his buddies wanted one for their decks!
  9. Haha, that's fine. I make "does not compute" jokes all the time. I'll see if I can revise it so it makes more sense.
  10. I do like the black spaces! I did have one diagram before this that did have the relationships more properly mapped up, but I must have done it wrong because it ended up looking like a bunch of triangles, which confused me a good bit before all was said and done. I may have to just break down and figure out how to make a spiral graph that isn't all lumpy and deformed.
  11. AsheSkyler

    Flat Pattern

    Hallo ladies (and any gentleman)! I am working on a pattern for a spherical object and while the textual part is done (except for one row), I'm not so sure about the diagram. For simplicity's sake, this post is about a ball. Now, whenever I see a diagram for a round/spherical object, it is always laid out in a circular pattern. Those are a real pain for me to draw. I'm thinking of doing a "flat pattern". Like so: If you knew that you were making a ball or other round, spherical thing and you knew would have to join the end of each round to its beginning (or work in a spiral, whichever you prefer), would this diagram and instruction set be easy for you to understand? The written part basically goes like this: 1. ch 5. sl st to close. 2. ch 1. [2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 3. ch 1. [1 sc, 2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 4. ch 1. [2 sc, 2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 5. ch 1. [3 sc, 2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 6. ch 1. [4 sc, 2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 7. ch 1. [5 sc, 2 sc in 1 st] x5. sl st to close. 8-13. ch 1. 34 sc. sl st to close. 14. ch 1. [5 sc, sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 15. ch 1. [4 sc, sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 16. ch 1. [3 sc, sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 17. ch 1. [2 sc, sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 18. ch 1. [1 sc, sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 19. ch 1. [sc2tog] x5. sl st to close. 20. tie off and finish.
  12. I've read somewhere that Paypal doesn't respect digital transactions, so if there was a dispute the seller would ALWAYS be on the losing end regardless if they were actually in the right or not. They probably either read that too, or had the misfortune of getting scammed in a method like that, so now they provide a solid physical product so it won't happen to them again.
  13. Definitely cool. Surely they'd be durable, and be a great base for either a doll head or to simply doll up. I'd probably put crazy long eyelashes on mine.
  14. Pretty cool! Never watched it, but I figure it's just a matter of time before my husband picks it up.
  15. Very cute! At first I thought it was the little video game character Kirby. I've possibly been playing too many games lately.
  16. Very pretty! And light enough it may make a good curtain too.
  17. Nah, I'd do a proper search through the cleaning and air-freshener aisle for charcoal-based stuff if I go with that. And probably still make jokes about how I was bad last year and only got a lump of coal for Christmas. Or smelly in this case. Aye, no strong other smells. I don't want to risk having the same effect as leaving Lysol in the restroom.
  18. Birmingham has some of the worst traffic... Hope the living recover. Mrs. Spaghetti Monster looks good!
  19. Aye, I did a search first to see what the search engines suggested. I thought I'd ask you guys to see which ones for sure worked. =) After a few run-ins with eHow, I'm pretty dubious on some suggestions generated. Charcoal is very surprising. I may have to commandeer a lump or two...
  20. Downloaded by accident trying to view it. I didn't notice the file extension. Deleted it off my computer! Looking forward to the Mrs. Spaghetti Monster picture. Shouldn't you be able to remove attachments by editing your post? Or is it some kind of scripting error where it's always stuck there?
  21. There's a multi-color yarn I like to pick up that has pastel white, blue, yellow, and pink. A white-green-tan blanket never fails either.
  22. My great-grandmother left behind quite a stash of yarn. I was thinking of making things out of it for various members of the family since they knew how much she loved to craft things. But she was an avid believer of moth balls. At present I have a rather bedraggled skein of yarn sitting on my desk that somehow found its way out of storage and into the yard. Either I've gotten used to the smell or it's very faint now from the fresh air, but I was wondering if anybody knew of yarn-safe tactics on combating the smell of mothballs aside from air-drying? I know vinegar is one of the favorite methods for removing mothball smells, but I can stand the smell of mothballs better than vinegar. Vinegar makes me badly nauseous, as does chlorine and bleach. For the sake of my sanity, I'm thinking about making stuff out of the moth yarn and then treating it with whatever method I can get to work instead of trying to chunk pantyhosed yarn balls into a washing machine.
  23. AsheSkyler

    Camo afghan

    Can't go wrong with camo. Cool afghan. =)
  24. That would be good, and the list thing too. Many different kinds of artists usually have a very good local following, and online sales are more of a supplement. I'm still building up the courage to show things in person. I'm shy!
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