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Christmas earwarmer


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Last week the city held its annual Lighted Christmas Parade.  With just under 2 hours before we had to be out the door, my younger 3 girls realized they only had 1 Santa hat and 1 elf hat.  This, of course, means rush to mom and beg her to make SOMETHING.  So I came up with a quick headband.  I used the band from the Hooty Headband, sewed the backside closed and lined the edge with a fluffy white yarn (the wrapper disappeared...).  


Now the girls take turns wearing it to school.  Today was Makaylas turn so she got to be my little model this morning.


post-27802-0-25293300-1386858547_thumb.jpg post-27802-0-70747400-1386858561_thumb.jpg

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How fun!

I am just glad I was able to come up with something the girls love with such a limited amount of time. 


Very nice.



Nice job, I love the look, did you just measure the person's head  and then start crocheting??

Pretty much.  The pattern is super adjustable, the size depends on the head you're making it for.  I stitch the back closed (my girls hate fussing with any type of closure on their headbands) so I dont leave any extra for a button.  My older girls heads are 22", little ones are 21" so I made the chain long enough to sit right there at 22" but stretch beyond that point.  

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