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  1. If anything my tension would have been looser while working the black/bright pink headband (the slightly larger hook still throws me off a bit). No TV, it was on but the volume was low as I was concentrating on the pattern. No extra stretch, it's too tight for my head. The texture in it is caused by post stitches. I use RHSS almost exclusively and have never seen this issue until this color combo. I have noticed a texture difference with other yarns but I cant figure it out with these. No wasted time or materials, if its not claimed by one of my girls I'll drop it in a donation box.
  2. I have now made this headband twice http://www.mooglyblog.com/all-grown-up-ear-warmer/ Same pattern, used the instructions for the larger size both times, same weight/brand of yarn (Red Heart Super Saver). The 2nd time I changed yarn colors and used a bigger hook anticipating a slightly larger headband. I got the opposite, its smaller. Grey/pale pink is done with an I hook, Black/bright pink is done with a J hook Is it me or the yarn? LOL This isnt the first time a project with black/bright pink has come out unexpectedly small (I just assumed I altered the pattern the first time) ETA: Stitch counts came out right in both. I was working uninterrupted and so sat here counting stitches as I went along.
  3. Yep, Annabelle had Shay up a few times over night....around 130 & again just before 6am. About 8am Shay came down carrying Annabelle saying "She's being fussy"...baby was fussing fairly softly...that "I really dont want to be awake anymore" fuss. She coos (a lot!) randomly so Shay knows she's still on and when care is successful. Cries for diaper changes, feeding or just gets fussy at random times... We were both expecting this to be a lot more challenging. At this point Annabelle has not interfered with daily life at all...Shay is managing baby care and everyday life/chores/homework with ease.
  4. Love the chainsaw! I just might have to steal that idea for my husband...who cant seem to find one he likes, either. Annabelle came home today. Shaylyn, my 17 year old, is...mostly...enjoying the project at this point. Her biggest complaint is that baby Annabelle is BORING. Easy, happy baby... Shay got bored and started sending me FB pictures For a doll, she's pretty realistic... this was right before Shay changed her into her PJs (sensors in the clothes & doll indicate what she's wearing so she has to be changed into the right thing for the right weather/time)
  5. Yeah, they found it amusing. And thankful my kid isnt making them great grandparents LOL
  6. I did tonight. I made this little newborn hat and posted it to my facebook page with a little note.... "Baby hat for my...granddaughter. Annabell Grace should be home Friday if all goes as planned." My oldest is 17... Her grandparents, predictably, lost their minds. After a while I explained that Annabell is a baby simulator doll. Thanks to the data collected from parents of real newborns, she is programmed to mimic the behavior of a newborn baby. Baby doesnt come with a hat so, since its starting to get cold in Iowa, my daughter wanted to make the simulation a bit more real and asked me to make one for her. Since she has been talking about baby Annabell as though the doll is her child...I couldnt resist messing with her grandparents (mostly my parents LOL).
  7. Last weekend RedHeart posted a pattern for a little snowman. I thought it'd be perfect to add a little something to my girls' backpacks for winter...just make the scarf in each girls favorite color. Since the snowman came out a little big for the backpack idea, the girls and I decided to do the scarf in Grandmas favorite color and we'd send it home with her when she next visited.
  8. Finished up a 3rd one for my purple loving 11 year old. I love how something as simple as changing a color changes the whole look of a pattern.
  9. Thanks! My girls saw these and just loved them. How could I resist? Here's the 2nd one. She was just a little excited to walk in from school on Friday and find it sitting on the table waiting for her. One more to go and I have the little 3 all ready for Valentines Day. My 15 year old might get hers done in time (her first time working from a pattern!), if not the girls all chose colors they love and I suspect these will be worn often.
  10. This doesnt show the colors...but it sure does make a difference with these nasty windchills we've been seeing lately.
  11. Actually its Red Hearts Shimmery Hearts scarf but my littlest says hers is for Valentines Day due to her color choices. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/shimmery-hearts-scarf
  12. I think we all need to make something for ourselves...at least occasionally.
  13. So close to being finished. All thats left is dealing with those pesky ends and deciding weather or not to fringe it. 25 stitches wide, 58" long
  14. I ripped out most of the first attempt, just leaving the bottom 4 or so inches (where the colors are), and changed to DC. SC was just too stiff and not breathable enough. It's about 46" long now, so very close to the end. Even just using Red Heart Super Saver its turning out soft and snuggly....now lets see if it can handle the -30 degree wind chills Tuesday morning (crossing fingers they'll cancel school again and we wont really have to test this!).
  15. These were small scraps leftover from making my girls their own scarves and matching scrunchies. Pieces too little to use for much of anything else but too big to toss out so I turned them into something that made my little ones giggle. The girls love having their Webkinz wear scarves that match what they chose for themselves. I have also made one in purple for an elephant named Ellie...her human whisked her off to a faraway land (her bedroom) before I could get a picture.
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