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Pony Tail Net

Zhaylin Black

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For lack of a better term.

I am so very excited!  I can't wait to get some pictures uploaded!


A decade ago (or longer!), I fell in love with a hair accessory.  It had a large, decorated hair clip, but attached to it was a sort of net to tuck your pony tail into.

Mine broke and I never have found a replacement.

I've been wanting to make one, but I had little idea of how to go about it.


Tonight I thought I'd give it a try.

I used thin, blue plarn, a durable hair elastic tie and a 3.50 mm hook.

Please forgive my lack of proper, technical terms...


I single crocheted around the hair tie 60 times.  I connected with a slip stitch, chained 3, rotated my work. 

Then I triple (?- yarn over twice, pull through once, yarn over pull through 2, pull through 2, pull through 2  :lol  ) stitched every other chain.

At the end, I chained once, slip stitched.

Chained 2, did NOT turn work, single crocheted every chain (ended with 30)

I chained 1, slip stitched, rotated work and tripled every other chain again, chained once, slip stitched, did not turn work and single crocheted as before.


I ended up with a sort of vase shape.  I closed the work, placed the last stitches against each other and "sewed" it closed.  (If that makes any sense at all).

I turned the work inside out.


Just to see if it would work, I tied the "net" to a large butterfly clip.  I clipped half my pony tail, tied the pony tail that hang down with anything band and tucked it into the band like a small bun, then I put it into the net.

Works wonderfully!!


I have a lot of refining to do.  I think I might add another triple above the second one (or something) to make it just a little bigger.


Sorry this was so painful to read.  I just had to share my success  :elle

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I'm glad I didn't cause any pain lol.  My "patterns" are hard for ME to read  :rofl


Here are the pics



It's very crude and reminds me too much of a shower cap lol but I'm excited because I, at least now, know it can be done.

I'll attempt it again with some thread... but that might be too thin, which is why I went with the plarn (it has a lot "give").

The thread would create a more elegant look, I think.  But I'd definitely have to go by different chain counts and whatnot.




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