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    I'm 39 years old, happily married, mom of 4 and the owner of too many pets (2 cats, 2 kittens, a dog and a bird).
    That's about it :)
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    Small Town, WV
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    Crocheting, computer games, Bible Study
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    Gosh, since before I was 10
  1. Thanks I'm definitely looking forward to Spring. Hopefully it's mild and lasts until Fall
  2. I crocheted this for my new e-cigarette. I made it out of nylon thread. It was the first time I've ever worked with nylon and I absolutely love it
  3. Right now I'm working on an interlocking crochet lapghan It's for my oldest daughter
  4. Thanks for the replies. Sorry I've been gone so long. It's been a rough couple of months (stomach flu and now the regular kind )
  5. By experimenting, I figured out 60 boxes = around 2 1/2 feet. (60 boxes x's 2= a chain of 120 + 4 for turning chain = 124 chains in all) It's a little shorter than I would have liked but I didn't want to go overboard with this being the first project. I didn't even make a swatch first. I jumped right in after watching the videos lol It's easy enough once you get going. I kept trying to crochet 4 loops at first and it took forever for my brain to understand what working THROUGH and BEHIND a stitch actually meant So I'm going to make this throw for my oldest daughter and then I'm going to try a zig zag pattern for myself.
  6. Hello again, everyone I'm trying to tackle another project but I'm stuck before even beginning lol I'm wanting to make an interlocking (or intermeshing) crochet throw. How do I determine how many boxes the blanket will need? It would be around 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Does anyone here have any experience with this technique? **EDIT** Ah yes. The tutorials are http://www.interlockingcrochet.com/video-tutorials/interlocking-crochet-video-tutorials.html?start=15 if anyone's interested.
  7. Thank you And thanks for the link. I've tried doing that before but I always feel too anxious about my work coming undone. When I tie my first set of three knots (lol), I do so by separating the yarn so it's not bulky. Then I weave the tail , separate them again and tie another 3 knots Maybe I'll crochet a bunch of coasters or something equally fast and experiment with weaving the ends properly.
  8. Thank you. I just made it up as I went along. I can't read patterns to save my life lol It's just a ridged ripple stitch... 14X4 wide, then about 28 rows if I'm counting my stitches correctly. I folded it in half and sewed the edge and bottom shut and made the handle separately. Then I made the pouch and added that as well.
  9. Wow! Thanks for the links. I love the knitted one!
  10. Thank you I just received an email (I subscribed to a bunch of crochet newsletters). and grrrrr.... http://www.interweavestore.com/raspberry-mitts?a=cme140113&mid=360915&rid=13089955 is what I would like my gloves to look like lol (only longer) Back to the drawing board.
  11. Thank you. It's my pride and joy. I have a bad back so I sleep on a wide wooden desk. Most of the blankets I crochet are a tad wider than that. They'd qualify more as long-ish throws than afghans. My poncho is wider and longer than any throw I've ever made I wish I had taken the measurements. Proper ponchos look like they're squared. Mine turned out more a bit more rectangular. It was at least 5 feet 2 inches long and (having now just measured myself lol) 55-60 inches wide. Huh. just googled the inches. It seems more square than it looks in person. I may attempt another one in the future, but it will be MUCH smaller
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