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    I'm 39 years old, happily married, mom of 4 and the owner of too many pets (2 cats, 2 kittens, a dog and a bird).
    That's about it :)
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    Small Town, WV
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    Crocheting, computer games, Bible Study
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    Gosh, since before I was 10
  1. Oh yes, Real Deal. That has been my experience as well. I mess up and/or change my mind a lot, lol. Whenever I frequently undo my work, the yarn gets fuzzier, faster. But what about once you're finished? Is there some way to help keep the project fuzz free? I very rarely use my purse/pouch. It hangs from a coat rack more than anything. I've yet to have to wash it. I'm almost afraid to. It already has a lot of fuzz balls. I usually pinch them off. I've also been working on a poncho for months now and the bottom of it is already fuzzing a bit. It's starting to discourage me from
  2. So happy to see I'm not the only "scatter brain" I'm sort of working on 2 throws, an afghan, and SOMETHING with plarn (I keep restarting lol) Oh yes... there's also my finger crochet whatever it's going to be (probably another throw. I just don't have the patience for afghans) For my "sort of working on" projects... I run out of color. I'm on an extremely limited budget and because I can't read patterns, I have no idea how many skeins to buy. And then the color disappears with the season I usually buy my yarn at my local Walmart. The crafting store is an hours drive away, so I ca
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