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  1. Hi squares, just popping in quickly to say my aunt had a stroke yesterday, my best friend had some serious family drama at the beginning of the week, and in general my mood is very low again - so that's why I've not been around much. Am off to see the MH nurse this afternoon, they want to do another medication change. Anyway, just wanted to say still thinking of you all even though I'm taking a back seat at the moment. Love and friendship to you all xx
  2. A really big thank you to my FGM in Fl for a wonderful set of bamboo hooks! They will be treasured very much! So kind of you to send such a lovely set, thank you so much xx
  3. I wish it meant only 2 pounds, but there are 14 pounds in a stone... So a lot more weight unfortunately! Xx
  4. Hey all! Wow, yesterday was a terrible day... but today is going better thank goodness. Except I just weighed myself and I have gained 2 stone during the last few weeks... so time to start doing something about that! Am off to find exercise videos on YouTube! And you never know, doing exercise will probably help my mood too. Also - had a yarn disaster!! I spilled tea in my basket of yarn!! So I've had to wash it all in the bath and now its outside, but I'm worried it won't really dry as its all wound into balls... do you think I'm going to have to unwind it all to let it dry? Urgh! Hope you're all having a great day x
  5. Haven't been on to post for a couple of weeks but haven't used up a whole ball/skein or bought any more so no change for me at the moment!
  6. Hello lovely squares!!!! Wow, I've been away far too long, how will I ever catch up?! Had a really tough week last week, but it ended with my birthday yesterday and that's as good a reason as any to try and turn things around and make a fresh start... I had a meeting at the hospital to hear the results of the investigation conducted as a result of me raising concerns, and they found evidence to support every single one of my claims and have therefore made an 10 point action plan and introduced a lot of changes. Finally I can leave that all behind me safe in the knowledge that things will improve. And really good news is that they have agreed to fund as much counselling as I need instead of the original 6 sessions only. So, things are looking up The kittens are 7 weeks old now and all of them have homes to go to in a couple of weeks time. I will miss them all so much but I'm happy they all have good homes to move to I've finished off the 2 'ghans I was making for my friend's niece and nephew, and have been doing lots of cross stitch And for my birthday my OH bought me a tapestry cushion front kit with a lovely butterfly picture on it that I'm working on right away I'm sorry I can't catch up with all that has been happening, but suffice to say I'M BACK! Haha! And sending love and friendship to you all
  7. Yay someone who understands why I need to go to the meeting! I have a lot of questions for her, not just about what they've done but also why, considering how serious some of my concerns were, they have allowed the ward to continue on as it was for FOUR months whilst they investigated!! Surely it should have been placed under some kind of emergency measures while they investigated? I mean these are vulnerable people we're talking about, many of them elderly with dementia. Hmmm, I shan't rant, I'll only get worked up!
  8. Thank you, it has been a very difficult time. I originally went to the ward manager, and when she did nothing I went to the head of nursing. Finally they took notice, and my 4 page list of concerns was so serious that they have been forced to conduct a full investigation. I have a meeting with the lead investigator on the 19th of this month, because I NEED to know they looked at every aspect and that things will change. I am nervous about the meeting as I'm still suffering with anxiety, but I have to know. My Dad and my OH don't want me to go to the meeting because they're worried it will set me back, but I need the closure. I can't bare to think i will have gone through all of this for nothing you know? I might return to nursing, but never at that hospital. And my union have put me in touch with a solicitor, but obviously I can't say more than that as the claim in on-going. Thanks owlvamp hun. My friends have been saying much the same thing, I worked so hard for my nursing degree and even graduated with first class honours, I don't want to let them ruin that for me. And nursing is my love in life, I don't want to lose that. It's a case of balancing caring for other people with protecting my own health, if that makes sense. I hope that I will find a way forward. There have been some very dark days, but I can see the light at the end of it all now, and am hopeful for the future once again. Bless you with your mouse! Shame you're so far away, I could loan out one of my cats haha!
  9. I know, the 5 weeks has really flown by! Was lovely to see my Dad yesterday, he bought me a pasta maker for my birthday!! The book is Maddaddm by Margaret Atwood Erm I'm really not sure if I did! Basically the very short version is I had to do what they call 'whistle-blowing' i.e. raise concerns about bad care - and they are supposed to make sure you remain anonymous, but they didn't, and I ended up being bullied, which in turn resulted in acute anxiety and depression... been off work for a few weeks now. Katy the kitchen is sounding lovely! My OH fits kitchens (and floors and everything else in between, he's a carpenter) and yet never seems to do the things I want done in our house!! Maybe I should try 'employing' him instead of just nagging haha! Wow that sounds very hot Kuddles!!! Stay cool! The weather here is now nothing like the heat wave we were having a few weeks back - I even had to have a fire in the log burner at the weekend! And yesterday for a couple of hours I had the central heating on! So different to what you're experiencing!! Hope all you squares have a lovely day!
  10. Oh and I forgot to say - remember the little flower looms I ordered all those weeks ago? They finally arrived from China! I made a little flower in Christmas colours last night
  11. Hello lovely Squares! Wow you have all been busy! Estee with all her shopping, Pineknott with all her crochet, Owlvamp visiting the grandsons and Kuddles with making gorgeous things! I've finished the blanket for my friend's nephew, and am about half way through the one for the same friend's niece. I also got a lovely surprise gift from my OH's sister yesterday - a cross-stitch kit! I've been wanting to try it for ages, haven't done it since I was at primary school! My Dad is finally coming for the day tomorrow, as he wasn't well last week so he had to postpone. Am going to make a quiche for us to have for lunch. I've been playing with the kittens too, can't believe they were 5 weeks old yesterday! They are sooooo cute! So keeping busy in general, and have even started considering going back to work, I hope I will be well enough soon. Not bad considering a few weeks ago I seriously thought I might not ever be able to face nursing again. But I am starting to think I shouldn't let one very bad experience ruin what I worked so hard to achieve Oh and one of my favourite authors released a new book last week and my brother sent it to me as an early birthday present. I'm usually an avid book worm and read around 60 books a year, but the last few weeks my head just hasn't been in the right place ot be able to read. But now I have the perfect excuse to get back into it. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
  12. Thanks everyone! I know its an easy pattern but things like this are great for me practicing my stitches, my work is definitely becoming neater
  13. beccalovely

    Star blanket

    A little boy star blanket made for my friend's nephew
  14. I rolled up my skein from the post office so +1 And I finished a skein of DK making squares so +2 (Edited to up date score slightly as I rolled another skein into a cake this afternoon, +1) Saturday for me here, so will post my weekly score: Week ending 7/9/13 score = -3 YTD= -32
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