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  1. Skirt part finished, very happy with it
  2. Thanks Colleen, that is really helpful for when I use shell patterns. As I say I sort of came up with a cheat method this time, but the sort of thing you describe did occur to me afterwards, and I think it would make a really nice pattern.
  3. Hi all, Been having some technical problems which meant that I couldn't access the site from the UK - big thanks to Amy for getting the website host to fix it. So, I couldn't get on here and see your lovely replies to the difficulty I was having. Because I wanted to carry on with the project I ended up finding a bit of a cheat method. All I did was add in one row of dc followed by a row of 1dc, 2dc,1dc, 2dc and so on, meaning that I'd increased from 120st to 180st. Worked well for what I wanted to do, it obviously isn't an a-line look but I'm actually far happier with the result as t
  4. Thanks mattenylou, I see what you mean now. I guess I'm one of those infuriating people who just learns by diving in and making mistakes - I realise now that a shell stitch probably wasn't my best option for the first attempt at a skirt haha! Oh well its all good fun, and the new yarn I'm using that arrived this morning is absolutely beautiful (Drops Fable Rose Mist). Not bad for a 3am purchase when I couldn't sleep
  5. Hi Mary, It basically goes back to the previous row, ie 3 dc in the middle 3 of the 5tr, ch3, 3dc in the middle 3 of the 5tr, ch3 and on... I've been looking in my Crochet Answer Book by Edie Beckman (another great recommendation, thank you) and it says you can add stitches at the end of a row... I've never done this before but will try it. I'm making it in long rows at the moment which will then be stitched together with a seam to form the round skirt. As this is the case, would I need to increase/add stitches at both the beginning and end of the row, or is it ok just to do it
  6. It has occurred to me that perhaps I haven't given enough information in order to elicit the necessary help, so I'm going to try and clarify!! The stitch I'm doing is called 'Arcade' and I got it from page 79 of 'Handbook of Crochet Stitches: The complete illustrated reference to over 200 stitches' by Betty Barnden. (Thank you for the excellent book recommendation fellow Villagers!) Working from the top of the skirt part of the dress (will make and attach a separate bodice), I began by chaining 120 and then doing a hdc in each chain as a sort of starting row. The stitch itself involve
  7. Hi all, I'm going to do the bottom part (skirt area) of a dress and I'd like to do it in a shell stitch so that it is quite open if that makes sense. I'd like to make a sort of A-Line effect, so it is wider at the bottom, having started from the waist (which measures 19.5 inches). It is for a 2 yr old so won't need to be particularly long, say knee length when finished (am awaiting length measurement from her mum, or may just try on as I go along). My question is how do I increase the stitches when doing the shell stitch? I've only done it on things that remain the same width. I know
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