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What do you do with doilies?


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I am not good with the thinness of thread, but I love making washcloths and bathcloths using worsted weight cotton. I finally decided to try "doilies" to suit my preferred way to crochet. I have made adorable 8" to 10" doilies from flower type dishcloth patterns. There's a lot of dishcloth patterns out there!

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Hello ...my name is Kathleen ..I recently joined and I am from Canada


...what to do with thread doilies ?


.I love  making them ..then I sew them to a square of fabric and  am making a bedspread for each of my grand children ...I let them pick the doilie ..I make the doilies  in shades of their favorite colors  ...take a square of a contrasting color ...Red ..deep Purple and stitch the securely onto the square ...I am doing flower doilies in shades of purple and white ...then stitching them onto a square of deep purple fabric... everyone loves doilies..but they don't want them laying all over the place..this way my grandchildren will have a memory of Granny and an Heirloom for their hope chests..


also doing throw pillows the same way .


. if you can get a lamp shade form from the craft store ...do a crochet doilie lamp shade to match ...


. I am also making doilies and using them for picture frames ( I sugar startch them ... so they dry quite stiff  ) ...they look beautiful on the wall in the bedroom or living room ...there is no end to the uses for doilies...lol hope this gives you a few ideas ...


So, my grand children will have the whole set for their hope chests ..what better way to give them something special ..bedspread ..throw pillows..lamp shade and matching picture frames all hand made...

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