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  1. That sucks! They used to have an aqua 10. I actually have some. Unfortunately it got dirty I second Lizbeth then. It's not soft, but it's smoother than other threads, so there's less hand fatigue. A crisp thread looks better for doilies IMO. You could also try perle cotton threads. They are very soft, and come in loads of colors. Good luck!
  2. Lizbeth! Hands down. What feels stiff is the probably the friction between thread and hook. Cebilia is good, but I think Lizbeth is much better as far as hand fatigue.
  3. I have made coaster doilies http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/leisure-arts-3081-coasters-by-the-dozen/patterns and put them in acrylic coasters https://www.herrschners.com/product/hexagon+,+set+of+4+acrylic+coasters.do Then your doilies can be useful, and all your hard work won't get dirty.
  4. I have the answer! "Thread Art" Aqua. I've used this this and it's very soft. Really great for clothing items, not so much for doilies. The color might be just what you're looking for
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