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  1. AppleCider

    What do you do with doilies?

    I'm new to thread crochet, and I love the look of doilies. But I don't want my apartment looking like granny's attic! Any ideas for cool things to do with these beauties? Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  2. AppleCider

    What Not To Crochet/Knit

    I didn't know about either site until I found this thread, but both are hilarious. I do disagree with some of the stuff, but most of it involves things I've thought: "huh??" before. A crocheted broom cover? I couldn't stop laughing!
  3. AppleCider

    Twin Baby Girls Christmas Dresses

    They're adorable! Please post pictures of the baby girls when you get them.
  4. AppleCider

    Question About Different Chenille Types

    The only chenille yarn I know of that doesn't worm is Crystal Palace's cotton chenille. Wonderful to work with. I've only knitted with it, not crocheted, but it's not unforgiving and hard to work like Lion Brand chenille. I understand Lion Brand's is NOT recommended for knitting, and after having tried to knit with it, I understand why.
  5. AppleCider

    My attempt at a doily

    That's your first attempt??!!! It's beautiful and you should be proud. I can only hope my first thread project will be half that nice.
  6. AppleCider

    Felted Dance Bag

    That's incredible! You are really talented. I need a pattern for something like this. You should be a designer!
  7. AppleCider

    black scarf

    Beautiful scarf! Now I know what to do with the skein of Alpaca Silk I have.
  8. AppleCider

    Lacy Bouquet Doily

    Great job...that's gorgeous! I'm so jealous, and anxious to try threat crochet.
  9. AppleCider

    Doily 39: Graceful Symmetry

    That's gorgeous! I love the varigated thread. It gives it a sort of old brass look (at least in the picture) that adds to the pattern.
  10. AppleCider

    Christmas doily done

    Outstanding! My mind boggles when I see stuff like this.
  11. AppleCider

    Christmas Lights doily

    Wow...just wow! That is gorgeous! I want to try thread crochet eventually, but right now I'm just getting my hooks around yarn.
  12. AppleCider

    Christmas Slippers!

    Oh, those are so cute! Thanks for the link...great idea for gifts (and I'll make a pair for myself, too)
  13. AppleCider

    Hi from Maryland!

    I'm from a suburb of Washington, DC, and have just restarted crocheting after about 20 years (so I'm a beginner). I'm also an avid knitter. I hope to learn a lot from the folks here! My first project is a medallion scarf (yeah, not good for a beginner, but that's the way I am...dive into the deep water immediately). I've made the first medallion and it came out great! The pattern is from Lion Brand, here