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  1. I'm new to thread crochet, and I love the look of doilies. But I don't want my apartment looking like granny's attic! Any ideas for cool things to do with these beauties? Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  2. Patti, great job! Your knitting is indeed very even. I know people who've been knitting for years who haven't mastered that. Most beginners (and some experienced knitters) tend to purl more loosely than they knit (or just the opposite). As for the 4 needles...remember, you only knit with two needles at a time! The actual challenge is remembering that! (Always start with your empty needle...don't use a full needle as your working needle) And learning to knit socks teaches you a LOT about knitting, even if you never knit another sock. You learn about short rows, picking up stitches, as well as knitting with double point needles (remember, only two needles at a time!). Knitting socks with worsted weight yarn is a great way to start. And, happy holidays everyone! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you celebrate something, religious or not.
  3. Mr. Rooster, take a bow! Linda, I'm in awe...that is just incredible!
  4. I didn't know about either site until I found this thread, but both are hilarious. I do disagree with some of the stuff, but most of it involves things I've thought: "huh??" before. A crocheted broom cover? I couldn't stop laughing!
  5. Cara, wonderful news about the baby! Glad to hear everything turned out all right. I assume mom is doing okay?
  6. Pat, one of the reasons I recently took up crocheting was because crocheted borders on knit pieces are pretty, AND it makes stockinette lie flat. Can't wait to see what you do with your piece.
  7. They're adorable! Please post pictures of the baby girls when you get them.
  8. The only chenille yarn I know of that doesn't worm is Crystal Palace's cotton chenille. Wonderful to work with. I've only knitted with it, not crocheted, but it's not unforgiving and hard to work like Lion Brand chenille. I understand Lion Brand's is NOT recommended for knitting, and after having tried to knit with it, I understand why.
  9. That's your first attempt??!!! It's beautiful and you should be proud. I can only hope my first thread project will be half that nice.
  10. Oooh, can't wait to see the finished Mr. Rooster! So many possibilities with this technique!
  11. Donna...love the ladybug ghan!! Lovely work, and I'm jealous! Cara...please rest and get well, even if you have to neglect stuff. It'll still be there, waiting, when you feel better. As for me, I finally got the hang of those 2-color squares! The first one I attempted looked like it had three too many Bloody Marys, and the second one wasn't much better...still couldn't pass a breathalizer. The third is an actual square!
  12. Shaylen, if you're doing the M1 from front to back (that is, inserting the needle into the "ladder" from the front, towards the back) you need to knit that through the back loop (behind the needle). This twists the stitch so there's no hole. Hope that helps! I know this problem very well...I had the same problem until someone pointed out the twisted stitch thing to me.
  13. Tammy, I can relate! I remember that when I was learning to knit. But honestly, one day you'll have an "ah hah!" moment, when you suddenly realize you're knitting without thinking about it. No, really!
  14. Thanks, Mary! I feel better now. It really doesn't take long to do those little squares! And yes, I'll prolly be asking a LOT of questions! But I love this place, 'cause eeryone is SO helpful!
  15. Cara: Can't wait to see the progress on your shawl! Those prayer shawls are wonderful. Island Girl: That used to be true, the 4 vs 5 DPs. Now, most companies sell them in 5s. Anyway, it's a good idea to get 5 even if (like me) you use only 4 at a time. Those little suckers have a habit of hiding in a deep, black hole, never to be seen again. Plus double points are useful on their own. You can knit an i-cord with 2, in a pinch you can use them as cable needles or stitch holders (put rubber bands or point protectors on them if you do), you can even "drill" holes in felt with sharp ones. They're useful for anything where you need a sharp pointy object.
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