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Yarn bead crochet?


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Howdy, I love to work with beads on my crochet.


The problem? I can only work in yarn, not thread. There are few patterns using yarn.


Is there any way that someone would/could tell me how to add beads to any existing pattern? I am NOT a designer and when I have tried to add beads, for some reason I am not satisfied with any looks and have to frog it all out.


Maybe someone would take one of their hat or scarf or purse patterns, one without beads: And then, make the pattern useable WITH beads? Please, can you help me and possibly others will be helped too?


Thank you for any and all help.

Sincerely, Cindi

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You can add beads to any pattern, as long as the yarn/thread fits through the bead hole.


If you're ok with the beads showing from both sides there is no difference from any pattern using beads from the beginning.


But if you want the beads to show only from the front I would recommend sewing them on afterwards.


Both these include some designing (deciding where to add the beads), either as you go or before starting.


For instance you could take a copy of the pattern and mark the beads on the picture, and/or in the text.


If you want help you could take a pattern, mark out the beads on a picture and maybe we can help you incorporate them into the pattern.

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Here is a close up photo of how Carol Ventura does a beaded stitch when making tapestry crocheted bags. This close up shot came from her Breast Cancer Awareness bag. It's in the October 2008 issue of Crochet World Magazine.



This link shows the entire finished bag.

Bead Felted Cancer Awareness Bag


Here's one that I made some time ago. Making this project is how I found out that wool is not something I can work with: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=123033

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Thank you, Flia. I have tried adding some bead to a couple of things, but had to frog them out, because they just didn't look like I thought it should. I have not tried to graph/draw a pattern and put beads on it, yet. So thank you for that. I am not "into" sewing things, especially beads, I REALLY want to crochet them in.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you, MisterBob! Wow, your skull purse is amazing.

I think about felting, but then I think that many people would look at my work and not realize it is crocheting. I want people to see my stitches, so I guess felting is out for me!!

Thank you for the links for Carol's work, and your help.

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