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TESTERS FOUND: Japanese-style house slippers for baby

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I'd like 1 or 2 people to test a new pattern for baby slippers for me. These are made with a G hook and worsted weight yarn (I used I Love this Cotton from Hobby Lobby - so more of a 'light' worsted weight). You're welcome to use something different if you'd like.


The pattern is pretty straightforward; the soles are made separately and 2 markers are needed. You will also need 2 buttons - 5/8" size.


I would like the 3-6 months size and the 6-12 months size directions tested and would like pictures of the finished slippers - preferably on real baby feet.


I would appreciate a turnaround time of 1 week or so; these can be made in an evening. I understand that things happen; but if you know you won't have time to do them in that time period please tell me upfront & give me a target completed date.




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