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    I'm a single mom to a 6 yr. old little girl. I have been around all types of crafts all my life.
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    Goodland, Kansas
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    crochet, knitting, plastic canvas, cross stitch and almost any craft
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    Im a student and a mom
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    since i was 9
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    Dishcloths, Granny Squares, Doilys and Bed dolls
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  1. rosebud75

    Abby Cadabby Hat

    Im looking for a free pattern for an Abby Cadabby kids hat? Im trying to do one for a little girl who has seizures and trying to get it done soon before she goes to the hospital again for tests.
  2. I'm trying to make an afghan for a 3 yr old that I know that has started having seizures and I would like to know if any of my fellow crocheters would like to help me with it? If so I need 8" bright girl colors please and thank you.
  3. rosebud75

    Happy Hearts Purse

    Would love to get the pattern for this.
  4. rosebud75

    CLOSED: Summer Daisies Afghan

    Would like to help if you still need anyone.
  5. rosebud75

    Not happy with this yarn (Ilovethisyarn)

    I've made a lot of things with ILTY and after washing them I've never had a problem with them getting fuzzy. I use a top loading washing machine and they have been with other clothes. The only thing I don't do is dry it in the dryer. I hang them up to dry.
  6. rosebud75

    Crochet Books Giveaway

    Thank you so much can't wait to see them!
  7. rosebud75

    Trying out Knooking

    I love working with the Knooking set. I enjoy it alot.
  8. rosebud75

    Crochet Books Giveaway

    Oh I love making stuff from those magazines. Would love to be entered in your drawing.
  9. rosebud75

    C’Ville July 2012 Tote

    It's so wonderful. I love it.
  10. rosebud75

    Newest. Blanket Dolls

    Just love all of them !!!!!!
  11. Would love to be entered in your contest. Thank you for doing this.
  12. rosebud75

    2012 Purse/Tote Swap (Partners are emailed)

    Done with one of my partners things still working on a couple more
  13. rosebud75

    2012 Purse/Tote Swap (Partners are emailed)

    I'm working on a couple different purses/totes not sure which one I like more yet. But getting there.
  14. rosebud75

    Debbie Macomber Fans

    I would like to get one always on the look out for new books. Thank you
  15. rosebud75

    June earrings giveaway--Winner Selected

    :cheer Thank you they are soo cute :cheer