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    Married to my wonderful husband since June 2007 and we have our first daughter born Nov. 2008 :-) A son joined our family in Sept. 2010. :-)
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    Crochet, reading, math, my husband, our children, cooking, toddler crafting.
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    Wife and Mommy :-)
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    Currently, baby and toddler things! :-)
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    I taught myself in September 2007
  1. Your set is cute, and I love the "mommy and me" idea!
  2. Thank you all for all of you lovely comments. I am very grateful to Apak for sharing her awesome butterfly pattern. It was hard to give this blankie away, but I know it is in a good home, with a special baby.
  3. Wow, lots of Memphis People! (I'm in the Cordova area now, so in the suburbs.) Stash (in the Cooper Young district of Midtown) and Yarniverse (off medenhall and Poplar) are still going strong. There was a very nice yarn store on Poplar, near the Union Ext. interchange, but it has closed. However, I have found a local yarn store (while still "knitting strong") has been very helpful and kind with helping me find yarns suitable for crochet projects. It is Rainbow yarn and fibers in Germantown. It is in the area of Methodist Germantown Hospital at 1980 Exeter Rd, Germantown. The ladies there are so friendly and *gasp* even were interested in the crochet tie bib (that I devised) for my son! I LOVE the BBQ-Central BBQ (in Midtown) is my favorite KarenC
  4. Here is one example of how I have used this FANTASTIC pattern, on a baby blanket: Here is the post: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2350123#post2350123
  5. Here is a crib sized blanket, made for a special little girl. The mom was thrilled with the blankie (and I love how it turned out too.) It was a stashbuster that (originally was going to just be a pink v-stich, but I had less pink yarn than I thought, but it turned out EVEN BETTER!!!!) The blanket is made in Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice Baby yarn with a 5 mm hook. The pink is a v-stitch, the boarder is sc, ch1, sc (then opposite in the next row: ch1, sc, ch1). The butterfly is Apak's butterfly pattern, which totally makes this blanket extra special: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=105231&highlight=butterfly
  6. Thank you to a wonderful fairy godmother in North Carolina! I received two BEAUTIFUL snowflake ornaments in the mail today. Right now, they are proudly pinned to my bulletin board while we wait for Christmas time to come! :-D You really made my day today bright, especially since both of my kids have had colds wtih runny noses!
  7. A little late getting the picture posted. My son ate the camera cord, but my brother-in-law got me hooked up with a card reader. Here's the pretty package I recieved from Midds!
  8. Your necktie is so lovely. I think I will have to whip one up for myself (I love these scarfetts in the winter...sometimes, much to my husband's dismay, I have been caught wearing one to bed.)
  9. I'm a stay at home mom of a little girl who is about to turn 3 and a little boy that almost 1. I love to crochet, especially baby things. I have also gotten in to sewing recently and LOVE it too. I also love thinking of crafty projects to do with my kids. :goldfish Patterns for crocheted or sewn doll clothes for 15 in Bitty Baby Dolls (Free or paid). :goldfish Plastic Grocery Bag holder. (My kitchen is in earth pale earth tones...light browns and green) :goldfish Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn (any color, my favorite yarn...partial skeins welcome!) :goldfish Size 20 plastic snaps (I started sewing cloth diapers, and found that I LOVE plastic snaps for SOOO many things...I would love any colors http://www.kamsnaps.com/Plastic-Snaps/Standard-Long-Prong-Snaps/Mixed-Color-Sets-p17.html) :goldfish Christian (We're Catholic) Children's books (used-great!) :goldfish suggestions for craft projects to do with a 1 & 3 year old :goldfish crocheted snowflakes / Christmas ornaments Received TWO beautiful snowflakes! 9/11 :goldfish Postcards from where you live or visit, telling us about something unique or interesting about that place. :goldfish Tote bags for projects. Thanks for looking!
  10. Your daughter looks so lovely in her cute dress! You can tell she's excited to wear it by the way she is posing. :-)
  11. So frilly and girly. It is very lovely. :-D
  12. A beautiful hat and a DARLING little girl. :-D
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