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What to cover for a class?

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Hi Everyone!


We recently had a gentleman that has been a lifetime member of our church pass away. He spent about the last year in the same nursing home his wife of 50+ years did before she passed away. As kinda a thank you and to help give back I had the idea to make a bunch of lapghans to donate to the nursing home... the church did this about 10 years ago and it was a huge success... since that time though many of the members have either given up crafting due to age or have left the area. We are a very small church group. I figured that when I propose this I would also offer to teach anyone that wanted to learn the basics that they would need to start making the lapghans.


My plan was to teach them how to do something as simple as just a double crochet row lapghan and even the color changes so they could do stripes in it... and also how to do a basic granny square. I figure these will cover some of the basic stitches and ideas but would not be too overwhelming for them. I also figured that I could hold several little workshops to either help them with the project they are working on or to help newcomers that also want to learn... or even those that need a little more one on one time to learn.


Is there anything else that I should be teaching them? I learned to crochet when I was about 7 years old and the only thing my mom taught me was what she knew to do... a granny square. Since then I have tried so many different techniques and made a ton of different things by teaching myself so I am not sure how good of teacher I will at all! I am working with my niece who is a lefty and I think we may be making progress so time will tell! I am working on a patchwork quilt style afghan now for her to help inspire her to keep up the good work and trying to get the hang of it!

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Ive taught lots of willing to learn crocheters to be, and usually I start with the basic granny, as I think not only is it repetitive enough to instill some sort of basic routine with the stitches, and know what they're doing, (once they are comfortable holding the hook, and the yarn, lol) and it provides a pretty quick 'Gratification" factor, as it works up quickly, and encourages them then to do more either as an entire piece, or in conbination with other's learning the piece as well.


You'll do fine, just prepare for lots of one on one! I think this is a wonderful idea, but would start somewhat smaller, for instance everyone make one or two granny's, for one combined afghan for the home and go from there. Chances are, once they get the hang of it, they will be doing more and more sqaures for afghans! Good Luck, have fun first and foremost!! :D

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