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    Cancer survivor hoping to make it through my first year with no reoccurance!
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    Southampton County, VA
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    Registered Nurse = Trauma Junkie!
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    Right now.... lap throws/afghans
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    Since I was a tyke! Mom taught my to chain stitch with my fingers and the rest is history!
  1. I know it way out of season but I am looking for either color (Jack O'Latern or Wicked) for a ruffle scarf project. I was hoping to find it hidden on the Herrschners site but it comes up item unavailable. I would gladly use a substitute color for the project but I do not know of another. The closest I have found would be using the Starbella stripes that has orange and black but I love the festive variegated look of the Halloween yarn! If anyone can spare a skein from their stash or knows another brand/place to check please let me know. I have paypal and would be able to send money for the yarn and shipping immediately.
  2. Hi Everyone! I love making up the scaves using the different ruffle yarns. I have had a request to make a green bay packers scarf and began looking online. I was planning to figure out a way to do a scarf using either the striped yarn or two colors BUT I have found lots of pictures of scarves that have been done with a ruffle yarn that is in team colors!!!! I have been through a bunch of sites I have ordered yarn from in the past and can not find any! Anyone willing to help me out?!?!? PLEASE!!!!!
  3. Alnee

    Baby Firefighter

    Thanks for the help!!!!! I am off to get working on the project... hopefully I will get to post pictures of the final product on the little guy!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am trying my hardest to get back over here and post more often. I can not seem to keep my head above the water with all the projects I have going!!!! I have a request from a friend. Her 1st grandson was just born. Her son has been a member of the fire dept for years... she got to playing on etsy and saw some adorable firefighter dress up/prop outfits for pictures and asked me if I could make them. I have never done hats or clothes for an infant so I really would like to have a pattern that would give me an approx gauge, etc. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern for a firefighter outfit... hat, diaper cover with suspender straps, and boots. A free pattern would be great but I know that is not likely! I have no problem buying the pattern as long as it is available PDF since I need to get this made up ASAP!!!! Thank you sooooooo much to anyone that can help me with finding this pattern. I did a quick search online but it just continues to send me to pictures of the outfits on etsy. I know I can most likely just wing it and make it by guessing at the pattern but I really, really would love to a successful pattern written out in front of me to follow!!!! Alnee
  5. I appreciate all the feedback. I normally just do them as graphghans but I was hoping for a different look. I didnt realize how large the graph had gotten while I was drawing it. I ended up free handing it and just changing it as I went to modify it for the look. It is a somewhat narrow pattern since it is 219 x 101. I was just looking for a new look... I am tired of the graphghans and wanted to do something that was one color so it wouldnt demand attention too much. It is supposed to be a couch throw for a friend so I am leary to attempt anything that may make it HUGE... I guess if nothing else I could go back and see if I could redraw the pattern... or break down and do it as a graph since that seems to be my only choice.
  6. Hi Everyone!!!! I designed a graph myself that I am in love with. When I was drawing it I had this vision in my head of being a one color afghan/back of couch throw. I had this idea in my head of doing it kinda like filet but not knowing much about it I was very naive about how I would do the afghan. In all honesty I was hoping I could do it similar to an afghan I saw that was just a matter of a ch1 space and then stitch... that, however, does not seem to be working with this pattern. I really can not see the "holes" so therefore the solid squares do not stand out at all! So... I did my homework (whatI should have done to begin with!) on filet. My big problem now is that my graph is 219 squares wide so in order to do it in filet this blanket would turn into some huge afghan... and I wonder if the dc that is done in filet would distort my pattern too much from my sc design. Is there another way to achieve a similar style (mesh square backing with a solid square pattern) that I could use and still achieve my goal afghan size? Can filet be "sized down" to sc instead of the traditional dc?
  7. Alnee

    Graph sizes??

    I have used PCStitch in the past to do my graphs. This one pattern is just throwing me for a loop though on trying to get it sized right. It has been a while since I have done one (almost a year) and I can not remember approx stitches I used to set my pattern. I still have the pattern but not the notations on how many rows I added to either side to try to balance it out... I do remember that I was not happy with the way the size of it turned out. Both that one, and the current one, are of dachshunds even though different patterns. It is hard to do an afghan based on a dog that is 3ft long and 6inchs tall and make it look right! LOL
  8. What a neat book! I love the technique... similiar to things I have thought of before but never knew how to make work! I will have to keep an eye out for this book! Maybe if I can figure out the technique I could turn some of my graphs that I would love to do without having a million ends to sew in and color changes galore! I love the much cleaner work that you see in your book!!!!!
  9. Alnee

    Graph sizes??

    Hi Everyone! I have been in and out on the list a lot lately due to health reasons. I have done several graphs in the past and have winged the size of them hoping that it would work out right. They ended up being much larger than I intended, etc. My question to those of you that do them. How many stitches do you use when starting the graph? I am just trying to figure out ??x?? I should start with and then I know I can add more to make it to size. The pattern that is giving me a fit right now is a dachshund - so it is super long but very narrow. It does not seem to look right no matter what I do with adding rows on either side, etc. It is just the pattern with no wording so it ends up looking very distorted. I have toyed with adding wording to it to try to fill in some of the "dead space" that is created by adding rows around it.
  10. Thanks again everyone!!! I am looking forward to going through all the links sent tomorrow and printing out the patterns. I bought several things of cotton to try out. I will just have to play with different yarns, patterns, etc and see what I could come up with. I am hoping to go to a dog show the end of next month and am not sure what I will do... guess making hats to match each of my suits! We will see! I will post when I get one or more made! Hoping they make up fast!
  11. You guys are great! The one that you posted from coatsandclarks is actually the one that red heart had posted yesterday that made me think about the idea of making one for myself! I love the links with all sorts of different ideas. I am just so torn in what to do at this stage of the game. Right now I just have thinning areas with some bald spots. I can style it where most people do not see it but it is all I see... My biggest problem is that when it is gone it is gone! LOL I am hoping if I make up a few caps I can see how I like them and it may make me feel better if I do decide to shave it off... if nothing else I can wear them just to cover the thinning areas! And to think that this part of treatment wasnt supposed to make me loose my hair!!!! I am always in that odd % of people that have to do the off the wall things! Thanks for the link Reni... and the prayers! I never turn them down because I truly believe that even those that do not believe in prayer can be helped... but if you believe in it then it does so much more! They are powerful things!
  12. Oh wow!!!! Thanks so much for the link!!!! Lots of options there!!!!
  13. Hi Everyone! I am facing the stage of my treatment plan where I am facing the decision to shave my head or not. Either way my hear is thinning out a LOT and it is noticeable so I would like to have ways to cover it. Red Heart posted a pattern for a pretty one on facebook yesterday and that got me thinking. I never thought of making one! Anyone else know of more patterns for these? I have not looked much on my own but plan to start looking more for them. Suggestions for yarn types as well to make them would be great! I am trying to figure out what would be the coolest material for summer... we have horrible, hot, and humid summers here. Is cotton going to be my best bet? Thanks for any help! If I can make up caps in the colors to match clothes, etc I think I may be more accepting of the decision I am facing!
  14. Alnee

    Navajo Afghan

    Very pretty!!!! I love the pattern and colors you chose!
  15. Alnee

    Monkey Afghan

    Love it! Adorable and congrats on the grandbaby! My nephew turned 4 in December and it was a monkey themed party because he just loves them! He was coined as the "monkey" before he could even walk because he could climb anything and it has stuck! Very cute pattern!!! if you ever do decide to share it I know that I would be interested in it as a future project! Great idea!
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