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  1. I love it!!! Sometimes breakups are the best thing you can do for yourself!
  2. I'm making a hot pink/black...I LOVE IT! It's not done, but you can see here....I'm going to donate it to a 5K run charity for breast cancer. Lisa
  3. I love the texture! Is it hard to work with just one color? I don't know if I could stick with it.
  4. I love those colors!!! This really is such a great blanket....your blanket is stunning!
  5. Looks like we were in the same mood when we chose the colors!
  6. Hot off the hook....Just finished this one for a cancer fundraiser for a girl in our town.
  7. Every time I read this CAL, I want to make another flannelghan. I've made so many, but I love them so much!
  8. I love it! I was trying to use a variagated as the second color. With all three colors, it's great!
  9. I made one with varigated and didn't like it as much. But, those are nice colors. If you do, I'd definitely like to see it.
  10. Thank you for this pattern! I dropped everything to make this and as you can see, my husband LOVES it too! My blanket is made with brown/aran flec....the picture doesn't do it justice. Thanks again!http://s384.photobucket.com/albums/oo285/lisamartinez116/?action=view&current=1102081658.jpg
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