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How to dye crochet thread

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If anyone has had experience dyeing crochet thread in variegated colors (where the color changes every 4 or 5 inches), can you please explain the process. I've tried various methods and don't seem to get a consistent result (i.e. in some places the color will be darker or lighter than others).

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Let's see...depending on the consistency of color I want...but generally what I do is first wind the yarn around two chairs to get a big loopy-hank, tying it in several places with acrylic yarn so I don't have a massive mess (Acrylic won't take the dye, and is super easy to spot when you're done). Then you can either "fold" the yarn and dip athe folded sections into buckets of dye, allowing for bleed, or white space as desired. OR you can use the squirt bottles that come with tie-dye kits...For this method I recommend going outside, and spreading the hanks out so the thread isn't too tightly layered, for more even coloring.

Dip dye probably will give you the most consistent coloring, without shading in individual colors, but for short lengths such as you are describing, I would think the squirt bottle should work okay too. The biggest thing for me is to spread the threads. If they're too tightly bound, the inside ones don't get as much color.


Oh, and of course, always make the threads wet first. Take the hank, dunk it into a bucket of water, and squeeze the hank so that the water is forced into the cotton. (you could also soak it in salt water, like some of the tie-dye kits recommend.)

Hope this helps.

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