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  1. I bought the Boye one but found it was very inaccurate. Then I got one that was intended for measuring fishing line (apparently the yarn ones like Boye were patterned after these). It was a little more accurate but a hassle to use. But I guess if you don't need an exact measurement and just an approximate measure will do, they are okay.
  2. Herrschner's has size 20 on cones. I'm not sure if they take Paypal or not.
  3. If you just do a search on doily lamp, you will find several links. But I found the instructions rather "lacking", especially the part about putting the light fixture in so I just did my own thing. I just got some of those big punching balloons (a package of 4 for $2 at Toys R Us), made a bunch of doilies, blew up the balloon to the size I wanted and plastered the doilies on with half Elmer's white glue (school glue didn't work so well), half water and used about 2 coats of glue. I left a hole in the bottom big enough to reach my hand up to change the bulb and a small hole in the top just big enough to put the cord end through. I got the light fixture at Earthbound Trading for about $10. Most of the links I found online where someone had made one, they said they just got some cheap doilies at estate sales but since I'm a doily maker myself, I didn't see any reason to use anyone else's.
  4. What do you mean by the link? What link?
  5. I recently discovered the concept of the doily lantern online although apparently it was only new to me since I found several. I've tried it with both a blue and a white lightbulb but can't decide which one looks better. It looks really nice lit in a dark room as it casts shadows of the doilies all over the wall. There are 10 doilies, some little, some big. I used diluted glue as a thickener and used one of those big punching balloons which worked really well. I'm thinking about making another one and trying to sell it.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a way to search on Etsy to see what things have actually sold? I know on Ebay you can search any auction at the end to see whether or not the item sold and for how much but I don't know a lot about Etsy. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  7. This is my newest doily from ASN Ultimate Pineapples For Your Home. The center part/border and the flowers are made with my hand-dyed thread.
  8. Wow, that's beautiful. How much thread did it take and how long did it take? That's really something to be proud of.
  9. I didn't know embroidery floss came in cones. I just use the little 8 yard skeins (yes they do run out fast and I was constantly adding in new thread). I tried using polyester machine embroidery thread but it was so slippery that I gave it up in frustration.
  10. I used 3 strands together which I estimate to be equivalent to a size 20 thread. The brightly colored one was about 17 inches in diameter.
  11. Raine59

    Rainbow Afghan

    Just beautiful. I don't make afghans very often but I might be tempted to do that one as I love rainbows. Nice job!!
  12. This is my latest doily. It was a pain to make but I'm pleased with how it turned out. It was done in #20 thread and is about 20 inches in diameter. I got the pattern from someone on Ebay who had removed it from a magazine so I'm not sure where it came from but it looks like it might have been a Magic Crochet or Decorative Crochet. It's called Delicate Pink.
  13. There is a thread under "seeking patterns" from July/August with a link to someone who has the pattern available.
  14. Here is my version of the dogwood doily, with the flowers in pink. I did it in size 20 thread and it came out about 28".
  15. Absolutely gorgeous....I've never seen a runner that long but it sure looks like it was worth the effort. I hope it stays in your family forever. Nice work.
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