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Interested in Buffalo/Western NY area get togethers?

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I'm looking to have some crochet get togethers with others in my area. Even if only one or two others are interested, I'd love to get together.


I'd prefer it in the day time or on the weekends since evenings are kind of tough for me. I'm not sure where we could meet - maybe a Starbucks or similar place at first and then once we got comfortable with each other, maybe at each other's houses?


If you are interested now or at any time in the future, please respond and also pm me if you'd like.


I look forward to meeting some others and getting together and sharing our crochet experiences :)

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Well decided to browse the boards and see if there was anything for my area and low and behold I find this. I am in Hamburg and meet once a month with a few ladies at Barnes and Noble in the Mickinley mall in Hamburg on Mckinley parkway. We are meeting next Thursday February 17th at 6pm. I only crochet, one gal crochet's and knits and 2 gals just knit. We meet up where they sell the coffee and just sit at one of the tables. I would love to find more people and a bigger spot some where for this and it could include knitters and crocheter's. You can't miss me and my big pink tote bag. Mary

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