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    I love cats, crafts, computers and my husband. I like Facebook games - sometimes a little too much. Check out my completed projects on Ravelry (I'm Sharbysyd there too) and feel free to request me as a friend.
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  1. I received some lovely squares from Katie KatyAllen8090 today. Thank you so much. I appreciate all the pretty squares I've received recently. Here they are: Thanks again and I hope all is well with everyone.
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to thank Yarnscrapper (Shawn) for the very nice blue square and the card that she sent. I appreciate it. I apologize for the delay in posting. Here is a pic. I hope everyone is doing well. Not much new going on with me. I made it through the winter, which was milder than usual and we got very little snow. I'm glad that it's just about over.
  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to stop by and say thank you to cshort and Brenda (bgs) for the squares I received for my birthday. If I can remember how to post a pic These are from cshort - thank you so much These are from Brenda (bgs) - thank you so much Thank you ladies so much. They are so pretty and I look forward to adding them to my ghan. I really appreciate you sending them especially since I haven't been around very much. I hope everyone is doing well. Sharon
  4. I'd also like to post pics of some other squares I received earlier this month. I thanked the senders privately in a message but I didn't post the pics so I thought that would be nice to do at this time. These are from Brenda (bgs) and these are from cshort Thank you again ladies. I love every one of them.
  5. Hi Everyone, I wanted to stop by and say thank you to all the ladies who have sent me squares. I recently received some lovely squares from Katie and from Just Add Glitter. Thank you ladies so much. If I can remember how to put pics up, I will post them here. These are from Katie This one is from Just Add Glitter Thank you so much. I hope that everyone is doing well. I've been getting through as best as I can. We've been very busy with work and are planning to move to another state so it's been pretty busy. I'm not sure exactly when we will be moving but hopefully within a year. We've had enough of Buffalo and these winters.
  6. I just wanted to check in and say I got two squares and a card from Nikki, Yarn_Monkey, today. They actually arrived on Saturday when my mother-in-law was visiting and my husband told me I had gotten another puffy. Then today I realized I had never gotten to open it and asked him about it. He had put it away. So I finally got to open the today. Thank you, Nikki, for the two lovely squares and card. I took a pic but I have to upload it and hope to get that on here in the next day or two. I hope all is well with everyone.
  7. I was thrilled to receive more squares Thank you to Viking for this pretty square which I received yesterday: Thank you to Yarnscrapper for this lovely square which I received today: I love them both and they will both be a lovely addition to my Friendshipghan. Thank you both so much
  8. Thank you, Nikki and VikingRunner for the well wishes and encouragement. I wanted to thank GrannyAnnie for the wonderful squares and card that I received yesterday. They will be a lovely addition to my ghan. Here are a couple of pics: I also received some more wonderful squares and a card today from cshort (Carol). Thank you so much. They will also be a lovely addition to my afghan. Here are the pics: It's been wonderful getting all of these lovely squares. Thank you so much. It's so exciting opening them all.
  9. Thanks for your post. It's been quite scary. I'm working on a protocol from a book that I have called Low Blood Sugar Handbook. I hope it will help.
  10. Tried to catch up a bit but haven't caught up all the way. I've been missing for a while I see some have not been feeling well, hope you feel better soon. I know it's not fun. Katie, thanks for the reminder about the batteries in the smoke detectors. One other thing is to be careful with those used 9 volts that you take out. I read that if two of those batteries touch each other the right way, they could start a fire so I started taping the ends with electrical tape before throwing them away. Regarding batteries in general, we use mostly rechargeable batteries (only for AA and AAA) and I really like that. We've been using them for years. There is the up front cost but then you just charge them. I hope it saves some money in the long run. I usually charge some on my days off to make sure we always have some in stock. I got behind on the Feb puffies so ladies, know that I plan to send you both a puffy. It will just be late. Hope to work on those this week. I have the papers with the info regarding sizes etc written down and ready to go. Will also work on getting March done. I have been having fun with them. I guess that's all for now. Going to lay down for awhile. I don't want to over do it. I've watched about 13 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in the last few days. I started watching it on dvd from the library years ago and stopped so I started back at Season 1 on Netflix and now I'm on Season 2. We are also watching Once Upon a Time together and we like to watch Andrew Wommack, a Christian preacher, on our Roku. Love the Roku, we now have that, Netflix and an antennae and no cable cost at all. Just the $8 for the Netflix. We aren't big tv watchers though.
  11. Just as I finished posting my last post, my husband walked in with the mail and another puffy! This puffy is from Brenda (bgs) and had 4 beautiful squares and a towel and towel holder and a card. I love the colors and designs of the squares and even though I'm going to post pics below they don't do the squares justice. They are so pretty and I love them all. There is a funny story that I have regarding the towel holder. More than 10 years ago I had a (dearly departed) friend who didn't have a car and I used to give her rides. As a thank you, she made me towel with topper and then kept making them for me. She made holiday ones and cat ones and I really loved them and used them all the time. She passed away back in 2005 and my husband and I used them daily for years. We noticed them starting to wear out and look old but we didn't have any others and I finally made a couple but I still had so many to do and haven't gotten to them. Then I saw the one where you can exchange just the towel and thought of making it but hadn't made it and today in the mail comes one of those toppers where you just exchange the towel out. It's perfect and I love it. Thank you, Brenda, for the very special presents.
  12. Forgot to say in my last post that I haven't been around due to some things I've been going through. I had some symptoms for a few weeks and I ended up going to one of those after hour clinics last week to get checked out. They didn't find anything and it seems to be a low blood sugar kind of thing so I just have to work on balancing blood sugar but it was a very rough ride and we also have to get my thyroid meds rebalanced. I've spent quite a bit of time in bed over the last few weeks. The worst part was the few times I've woken up during the night and felt horribly sick. I didn't realize that low blood sugar could make someone feel so sick. It was pretty scary. Today is the first day I've really been up for a while and it feels nice. I hope that everyone is doing well. Thank goodness that this winter is almost over. That has been such a rough thing for us to go through too. We have had temps in the 30s for the last few days and we are so thankful for that. We still have huge piles of snow though. There is the large amount of snow that we still pretty much have. We will all be so excited to see the grass when we are finally able to see it. Okay, enough complaints about the weather. Take care everyone
  13. I was so happy to receive some beautiful! squares from Katyallen yesterday. They are so pretty and I just love them with all the different colors. They are perfect and they arrived the day after my birthday which was Sunday too it was extra perfect. Thank you so much. They are my first squares for the Birthday Bash ghan and I'm so excited. The cats had fun checking them out too. Seymour wouldn't move for me to take the individual pic Seymour and Henry checking out the squares
  14. Even though we didn't pick the same order on colors, they were so close that it was still pretty incredible. I hope your ankle feels better soon. I've done things like that too although less now that I've been doing Classical Stretch every day for over a year. Tribble, I can understand how that would happen. Glad you got the squares. I hope everyone is doing well today. It's been a rough ride but hopefully by next week it will start to warm up and we will see Spring on the horizon.
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