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    I love cats, crafts, computers and my husband. I like Facebook games - sometimes a little too much. Check out my completed projects on Ravelry (I'm Sharbysyd there too) and feel free to request me as a friend.
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    crafts, computers/internet, watching dvds,
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    afghans, squares, scarves, hats
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    since 1972 when I was 10

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  1. Thank you. That will definitely do the trick!
  2. I'm not sure what this stitch is or if it even is a stitch for sure. I want to use it to make an afghan but not sure how to do the ends and thought I'd see if there's anything out there. I want to do sc, dc in each sc (skip dc) from previous row. It creates a pretty pattern but I'm not sure how to do the beg/end of row. Does anyone know this stitch, or know where I can find it? I've searched shell and scallop but didn't find it.
  3. I'm 48 and have been crocheting since I was 10. I was taught the basic granny square by my mom's bingo friend and I learned everything else from books after that. I don't think I'm a pro but I think I'd qualify as intermediate.
  4. One of my mom's bingo acquaintances taught me the basic granny square when I was 10 years old. After that I learned on my own from books.
  5. I'm in the Buffalo area. I'd love to join a group if there is one. Thanks,
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