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Fleese Pants and CHEESY SOCKS! :P


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Well While sitting here talking to our kids Thearpist, She comes n see's hubby n i once a week to talk about diffrent things we can do to help the kids, and sometimes she just comes to kill time between visits of others, (she adores our family).. well she was talking about her house n how she sewed some new curtians... and im like YOUR SEW:eek


she said yea why,, I go OMG HELP ME!! i wip out my patterns Ibought a week or 2 ago.. and said I need help.. so she showed me how to read the pattern for my pants i been wanting tomake,,, Told her i planned on going to free sewing class's on tuesdays. but if she can show me pants then I could do the Robe at the class :)... so she did


She helped me cut them n lay them down properly and pin.. then where to sew. Then sh had to go.. so im sittin there with the 2 hals sewd. and the croch sewd and she told me she'd show me the rest thursday if i dont figure it out... well I did this morning... so here are my new Fleese pants... an CHEESEY SOCKS>.


Lol i had some left over where i cut the pantlegs to th rite size before i "cuffed" them.. so i just got silly n made me some cheesy socks to keep my feet warm.. HEY and they match my Pants!!!!


she's been comming to see us for close to a yr n i never knew she sewed.. n she never knew i wanted to learn or even had a sewing machine (i keep it in my room)..


She is like.. wow I know you crochet and cross stich.. (all that stuff is out here)) she said if she knew sooner i'd already know how LOL.. but it's cool.. Im gonna go to this class on tuesdays.. for a few reasons... A to realy learn to make more then the pants and how to intrupret the diffrent Clothing patterns.. and also to get out of the house once a week at night by myself!.




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Cute pants and socks! :D


It was very nice of the therapist to show you how to read patterns. I haven't sewed anything since I took home ec in high school. Probably about time to try again. Have fun at sewing class. Can't wait to see your future projects here! :)

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They look great. I just got a pattern for adult and kids for those pants. Need to get fabric, and my sewing machine fixed. Hubby keeps saying he will buy me a new one...

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