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Inside Crochet Digital Subscription


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You can get a digital subscription to Inside Crochet (UK Crochet Magazine) from KAL Media through Yudu.com. You won't have to pay shipping from across the pond to the US.


If you order the every two months subscription (about $6.50 USD automatic payment every other month), you get access to all the back issues. You can cancel the every other month subscription at any time.


They also have a yearly subscription for about $38 USD.


Here's the link for all the KAL Media / Yudu subscriptions, including Inside Crochet. You'll notice the first link doesn't have a price - that's the yearly subscription.



I just purchased the every other month subscription and got all the issues from Jun/Jul through Dec/Jan. I'm going to wait until receipt of the next issue (which should be included in this package), and then cancel. Then I'll order the yearly subscription thereafter.


You sign up for Yudo for free, and keep your digital subscriptions in your "My Library" on Yudo. You can view online and print out up to 15 pages at a time. I printed my pages to .pdf so I could save them on my computer hard drive.

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