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  1. This link goes to the previous item and not this pattern.
  2. I love it when that happens! :cheer:cheer
  3. It means together. Hope that helps Hugs Kath
  4. I was thinking of that type of thing myself last night , MaryPat. I am sure you could use different types of yarn, different stitchs, change the size, all very easily. You could do one side with nylon yarn/nettings, acrylic (depending what you like for scrubbie side, and then the other with a regular cotton. Or carry the netting with the cotton one side , carry it under on the other side etc. Lots of ideas! blessings, Kath
  5. I have been making these today and thought I would share the link. They are a nice little addition to kitchen sets, something a little different. http://alicethekamel.blogspot.com/2007/09/cotton-dish-sponges.html blessings, Kath
  6. That's two votes for that pattern! And now I get BUSY! I love a new excuse to buy yarn!!
  7. RR Virgin here! There are so many patterns and so many comments to read , I'm having a hard time keeping track of which patterns folks have no problem with and which sometimes buckles in the center etc. Can anyone give me an idea of what is a good pattern that's been tested to death? lol Also from reading and reading it appears some of you use 2 strands and some of you one. Any reason why the difference? Or if it's preference, why do you prefer one to two or vice versa? Also, is there a pattern for a 12 point? Or did the genius crocheters figure that out after doing 100s of 12 points? lol
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