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  1. The heel part of the leg is worked back and forth using short rows. Making a heel cup. It's ok just follow what it says exactly , turning when it says etc. Hope that helps.
  2. Hiya! I am not working on one at the moment. The one I started got put away through the hot summer, maybe it will get brought out again after the new year when it cools down. Definitely post updates!
  3. Had to buy some cotton this week :/ Did a lot of projects but they were all small and none used up much of a skein. My son is coming home on leave before leaving for Iraq for all of next year so I won't be doing much more this year. This has been a great motivator to use up yarn all year!! So for the week ending Dec 11, 2010 WTD: -4/ YTD: +216
  4. Almost forgot to post today! For the week ending Dec 4, 2010 Got a lot of little things done, but didnt finish many skeins. WTD: +2/ YTD: +220
  5. Thanks for taking over!! I do like the same and it has helped me emmensely not buy so much yarn!
  6. For the week ending Nov 27,2010 WTD: +6/ YTD: +218
  7. For the week ending Nov 20, 2010 WTD: +4/ YTD: +212
  8. For the week ending 11/13/2010 WTD: +2/ YTD: +208
  9. For the week ending Nov 6th, 2010 WTD: +12/ YTD: +206
  10. For the week ending Oct 30, 2010 I bought 4 skeins for an upcoming KAL but my daughter went stash shopping in my stash so that and getting some Christmas gifts done saved me! LOL WTD: +4/ YTD: +198
  11. Im up to book 5 and really enjoying the series. The books are made exceptionaly well, the binding opens fully and is bound beautifully. And has a built in satin ribbon bookmark. The stories are cozy mysteries and you get to know the characters and town etc. They are a nice, relaxing easy read. Each book is written by a different author but they are doing a nice job. I enjoy them and look forward to recieving them every few weeks.
  12. For the week ending Oct 23, 2010 I've got 4 skeins of yarn coming in next week so this is it. I can't seem to break the 200 for YTD no matter what I do lol WTD: +6/ YTD: +194
  13. Great job on the scores! It was a little scary the first time I did it, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. And! I got gold! Thank goodness for this two strand cardigan I made LOL
  14. For the week ending Oct. 16,2010 WTD: +18/ YTD: +188
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