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Which is the right side?



I'm working on a pattern from the August 2004 edition of Crochet Fantasy. The pattern I'm doing is the shell from the "Bamboo Set" Here is my dilemma, I'm nearly finished and ready to assemble but throughout the process I've been unable to decide which side is the "right" side


The pattern stitch goes like this


Chain an even #

Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook,* HDC in next stitch, sc in next, repeat from * across


Row 2: CH1, Sc in 1st sc,* Sc in frontmost loop of HDC( not the top two loops of the stitch but the loop in front of the stitch) sc next sc, repeat from * across


Then you just repeat those 2 rows.


It doesn't say which side is the "right" side, both sides have a different look to them, and It's next to impossible to tell from the picture in the magazine. Any ideas?

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Normally, row 1 starts the right side, so all odd numbered rows would be the right side. If you still have the tail from the slip knot for the starting chain and you're right handed, put the tail at the bottom left and that'll be your right side.

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