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Drop Spindle Advice?

Miss Madeline

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I have been thinking about teaching myself to spin my own yarn. I certainly can't afford a nice spinning wheel and I have been looking at some Drop Spindle kits.

Has anyone tried this? What do you think? Is a bottom whorl or top better?

I hear top whorl is easier to learn on, but bottom is faster. Is that true?

I also think it would be more economical to buy fleeces and make my own roving. Does anyone have any advice on what hand carding tool works best? And maybe somewhere to buy them online?

Thanks for all your help!!!





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I learned on a bottom whorl and found it quite easy. I have problems with a top whorl. A lot of folks prefer the top whorl because it is supposed to be able to sustain the spin longer.


has what I think is the very best spindle video out there.


I Can Spin has links to great videos.


The Joy of Hand Spinning has wonderful tutorials, including how to make your own drop spindle.

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Thanks! Those videos are extra helpful! I can't wait to get a Spindle now! I think I like the bottom whorl. I like that you don't have to stop and wrap the yarn. It looks easier to spin and from the video it looks like the bottom whorl spins longer than the top whorl.

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You could get a Schacht Hi-lo which can do both. I was a bottom whorl girl at first but lately I've been really liking my top whorls.


In a top whorl I personally get better spin if there is a bit of a the shaft over the whorl. If the hook is right on top of the whorl it doesn't work for me as well.

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Hi ladies, I  hope that you don't mind me butting in? I have been active on the Hook forum up till now and after a nose around I found this one. For those who haven't seen any of my posts I am a hobby/passionate wood turner and I have just started turning some crochet hooks I have been turning for 25 years now, but only as my hobby.

I have just turned a one piece drop spindle and have been looking for some information on what they are? So, it appears that the one I have done is a top whorl? I hadn't realised there was so much to this lark! And as I didn't want a metal hook on the top I made it into the top of the spindle. Now, my question is, once I have put a small slot in the fly wheel to stop the yarn from slipping do you think that the hook will work OK. It's very easy to thread the yarn into it and using a length of green ex-army string I have given it a spin. It seems OK to me, but ???



The whole spindle is 7" long.

Any ideas please ladies. I am pretty new to crochet and especially spinning and for my next trick I am trying to make a Book Charkha. It sounds like fun?

My main ambition is to make a traditional spinning wheel. I've been promising myself that for years so please don't hold youyr breath waiting for photos.

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