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  1. MullersLaneFarm

    How Do I Spin Human Hair?

    Never have this problem since my head is far above my arms and my arms are far back from the orifice while spinning.
  2. MullersLaneFarm

    spinning show and tell

    Beautiful even yarn, Montynz! Good job!
  3. MullersLaneFarm

    How Do I Spin Human Hair?

    No pictures of the spun hair yet. I only started this about a month ago. I have maybe 10 yards spun up. I do have pictures of my hair though http://www.mullerslanefarm.com/hair04052012d.jpg hmmm, what happened to the image posting???
  4. MullersLaneFarm

    How Do I Spin Human Hair?

    I am currently keeping my hair I comb out and spinning it up for a watch chain for my husband. I have long hair and do not need to do anything special before I spin. It is not soft by any means of the word, but it will be a very sturdy watch chain!
  5. MullersLaneFarm

    spinning show and tell

    Nice job on the yarn. What is the content??
  6. MullersLaneFarm

    Cost of spinning

    It depends on a lot of variables. First one is how adept you are at spinning. I can spin & 2-ply about 400 yards of worsted weight yarn in a full day, but I've been spinning for 10 years and have a spinning wheel with a large drive wheel and a WooLee winder. Ten years ago, it would have taken me a week to spin 400 yards of a Single. What type of yarn do you want to spin? How much time do you have to spin?
  7. MullersLaneFarm

    Cost of spinning

    Like raising chickens for eggs & meat or a couple hogs for meat ... it's never cheaper than buying from the store, but the quality is much, much better. If you use a hand spindle and buy bulk fiber, the cost is probably less than mid priced yarns .... if you're not taking into account of the time factor involved. Most folks who spin do so for the pure love of spinning. I usually split my time pretty evenly between spinning, knitting & crocheting. I don't always use my own hand spun yarns, sometimes I buy other handspun yarns. I refuse to buy acrylic yarns, although I will knit/crochet with it if someone wants me to make something for their child. Hand spinning will turn you in to a yarn snob!!!
  8. MullersLaneFarm

    Newspaper yarn

    I know about (and have used) Navajo spindles, but have never had much luck spinning a Drop spindle using my thigh.
  9. MullersLaneFarm

    making your own felt project?

    Good for you for swatching! You'll be able to tell us if it felts better than we can tell you! The may process of wet felting is hot wool (to open the scales), detergent (to change the pH) and agitation. Some folks use the washing machine to agitate, others use bubble wrap or a washing board or bamboo mat, others use boiling water. Would love to see your before and after pics.
  10. MullersLaneFarm

    Newspaper yarn

    I've never seen someone spin a drop spindle using their thigh before.
  11. MullersLaneFarm

    Plying Thread Into Yarn - is there a simple technique or tool?

    A yarn winder, are you talking about a swift that holds skeins of yarn? If the 3 singles seemed to ply themselves then the singles were grossly overspun and had a huge amount of energy. Unless one is working with an over twisted single, a yarn winder will not put twist into the yarn.
  12. MullersLaneFarm

    Plying Thread Into Yarn - is there a simple technique or tool?

    Do you have a spindle or spinning wheel? If so, you can ply the laceweight yarn together for a thicker yarn. Check to see which direction the laceweight was spun. If the original spinning was clockwise, then you you have to ply spinning counterclockwise. After you've plied 2 or 3 laceweight singles together, if the yarn still isn't thick enough for you, you can take the plied yarn, and ply it with another plied yarn to make a cabled yarn. For plying with a wheel, try Abby Franquemont's video and for plying with a drop spindle: Or you can chain ply (getting a 3-ply yarn from a single ply) The video calls it a Navajo ply, but it's actually called a chain ply (yes, it's like making a crochet chain and spinning it!)
  13. MullersLaneFarm

    1st Spinning Class

    Beautiful first yarns! One of the things I like about spinning is there is no one right and wrong way. Soooo, have you started looking at wheels yet? My favorite wheel is the Kromski Sonata with a WooLee winder. What fiber do they have you spinning with? It looks like there is mohair in it. Not my choice for a first fiber.
  14. MullersLaneFarm

    Going to my first class this weekend

    Have fun!!!
  15. MullersLaneFarm

    Starter Kit

    You don't have to spin wool. There is always cotton and other bast fibers.