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    I have been crocheting for 20 years. I also do embroidrey, cross stitch, sewing and chair caning
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    Portland, OR
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    This is my hobby!
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    Purchasing and Project Manager
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    Pillows, toys, clothes, and kitchen or bath accessories. Anything that makes me smile when I look at it.
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    Hooking since 1988
  1. I haven't spent the time to teach myself how to switch colors in Tunisian. I can with regular sc. I like to cross stitch my design onto my Tunisian work! I can use lots of colors and more complicated designs.
  2. Maybe find a pattern you like an modify to your liking and style. I know you can't claim and distribute a modified pattern like that because of copyright laws, but if you are just making it for yourself, then no worries. Then when you feel more comfortable writing a entire pattern, you will be better at making your own. Good luck!
  3. I love this site http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ You can upload any image you want and it will make it into a chart for you.
  4. I say her wearing that too! I watched the episode and noticed that they top is all done in sc (it looks like) until the hat gets to the desired width and then the stitch switches to Bobbles. I tried to see how she made the brim and I think it is made double thick somehow. Like the made 2 brims and stitched them together. Super cute.
  5. Hi! I am in Portland, OR too! Welcome to Crochetville!!
  6. This is the tattoo I would get! http://www.urbanthreads.com/product_details?product_id=2275&category_id=21
  7. http://www.crochetkitten.com has some cute kitty patterns....maybe not something DH would enjoy...but good in camel color! http://www.suncatchereyes.net/Freepatterns.html I like these patterns too. http://amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/ She has some super cute patterns on her blog too. Good luck!!
  8. Hey-ya! Welcome from NE Portland!
  9. I love this!!! I am ADDICTED to Harvest Moon. The book "Creepy Cute Crochet" has a really great way to make hair.
  10. Oh and I think I will try the pretty puffs next time LuvMaxine! Thanks! I love the Pretty Puff Slouchy hat pattern! I have made...like 5 of them..all in different colors. I can't bring myself to give any away because I like them so much!!
  11. My Persian Himalayan kitty named Django "Puddy" Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He helps me with his long white fur....just in case the yarn I have isn't white enough or fluffy enough, he is more than happy to lend me his. I also have an English Mastiff named Genghis Khan and he is really good at drooling on my ball of yarn...because slobber yarn is always easier to work with.
  12. I actually decrease towards the middle of the brim. But I think it is really up to you, how it looks. For example if your brim is 18 stitches across...sc 4 - dec - sc2 - dec - sc 2 - dec - sc 4 - turn. I would agree, about temple to temple. Maybe make it about 2-4 stitches wider than you think. Twice I have made hats with the brims not quite wide enough.
  13. I have done them a few different ways. I have made 2 identical pieces, stitched them together and onto my hat. I have had one where I just did one layer...after you are finished with the hat part....you crochet across however long you want the bill at the widest and then reduce as you like. There was one that I did where you crochet across and then when it is the length you want, you start reducing about 4 stitches per row and the bill starts to curve under and it reinforces it underneith. You reduce down to 2 sc. Then you sew it down. I have never actually used plastic canvas. Good Luck!
  14. I am in NE Portland! I have tried to hook up with other crocheters on the 'Ville, but no success yet. Good luck! I will be at Twisted Yard on NE Broadway for the giant Crochet hook and Rockpoolcandy on Oct. 30th and 31st. You may be able to meet some locals there.
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