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ok a beginner question.....



when it says that the stitch is worked over 5+1 or something like that does it mean that the stitch is over 5 spaces but you need 1 extra stitch per row for chains at the end or whatever? I just want to try different stitches from my stitch manuals but just wanted to make sure I understood what this meant.


Thanks in advance.



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I'm not so good at multiples myself, but I'll try to explain. For a multiple of 5+1, each pattern repeat requires 5 stitches, so you would need a starting chain made up in multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20 etc) then add the extra 1 ch just once. What you need to do is make a swatch (with the yarn you plan on using) in pattern for however many rows needed to complete the pattern, then measure how many inches in the pattern repeat, in this case 5 sts would be the pattern repeat. Then divide that measurement by how long you want the piece to see how many pattern repeats you need, then multiply that number by

the original multiple. So, in this case, suppose your 5 stitches

equals 2" and you want to make a 60" wide afghan, 60 divided by 2=30 pattern repeats, then 30 pattern repeats x5=150+1 for your starting chain.


Clear as mud, isn't it? :rollin If I didn't make any sense, hopefully, someone else will be able to explain better.

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Guest SamplerLady
stitch is over 5 spaces but you need 1 extra stitch per row for chains
That's exactly what it means. Now if you're not into math or don't want to bother, just make the chain a little longer than you'd like the finished object to be, or if you've lost count and can't remember if it's 75 or 76, just add a few chains at the end before you turn and begin working the pattern.


Go ahead and work your pattern until you don't have enough chains to make the final pattern or you've reached the number of shells, clusters, or whatever it is you're suppose to be making. Then follow the instructions which would probably be "ch X number of stitches and turn". Don't worry about that little tail of chains hanging there. Continue on for a few rows and then go back and frog the chain from the end towards the rows. When you are at the edge, give a little tug to tighten up the chain and then go back to crocheting.


Sure makes it a lot easier than counting and recounting and then still coming up short. :))

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