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sweater instructions help!!!



I am doing a sweater from the new Interweaves Knits crochet magazine ...the Open Fan Cardigan...page 40. After doing the section titled, "Body", it asks that I "Divide for armholes".


What does this mean? I have never done a sweater before so have no clue. Do I divide the body that I have crocheted in thirds, half? What?


I am to work on the left front next, then right front, the finish the back. Pattern says that body is worked in one piece to the underarm, and yokes for front and back are worked separately and joined at the shoulder. Then fitted sleeves are crocheted and added.


So, please, if anyone knows..please help!!!!


Thank you thank you thank you

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Just keep working the pattern in the order in which it is written. "Divide for armholes" doesn't have any hidden meaning, it's just indicating that you have reached the point where you are going to do the divide for the armholes. Continue exactly as it says: "Divide for armholes: Working on the left front sts only, cont as foll:" Then it gives instructions for the left front, right front, back, sleeves, and finishing.

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Thank you for your help..:ty ..been crazy around here so am just getting back to posts.


:o boy do I feel stupid...:oops


I guess you can see I'm just a beginner at all this and this is my first 'sweater' so I was really worried about making some big mistake.


Thanks again..you guys are great!!!!

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okay, this pattern is icky (not the word i really wanted to use:eek )



reminder, this is the open fan cardigan on pg 40 of the interweave knits mag...

i have worked up to the previously pondered divide for armholes: working on left front sts only, cont as foll:


left front

Row 1: Cont in Row 2 of fan patt, ch 4, skip edc, sc in next ch-space, [ch 3, skip edc, sc in next ch-space]3 times, ch 1, edc in next sc, turn (back and right front sts will be worked later).



sounds innocent enough.... but, what do they want me to do= Cont in Row 2 of fan patt...... or follow the instructions they have given???!



Fan Pattern, Row 2: Ch 4, skip first edc, sc in next ch-space, *ch 3, skip 2edc, sc in next ch-space; rep from * to last sc, ch 1, edc in last sc, turn.


see the discrepancy? :th what should i do? both and just see which looks/turns out better???:bang

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Rebecca, did you figure this out? Sorry for the delay in replying. The instructions after "Cont in Row 2 of fan patt" are a slight alteration of Row 2, so I would just do what those instructions say, not what it says in Row 2.

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