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    I have a baby boy born in August and a girl that will be 8 in April 2006. I love yarn & coffee!
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    Olympia, Wa
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    Crochet! Buying yarn. Scrapbooking
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    was a preschool teacher, now i stay home with baby
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    since 1997
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    Tote bags, afghans, hats
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  1. crochetcrazy

    A Finnish noobie introducing herself

    Hi, from one Finn to another!! I have never been to Finland but my grandpa is from Finland. I would love to see it some day. I live in Washington state. Welcome to Crochetville!!
  2. crochetcrazy

    How do you start?

    Me too!
  3. crochetcrazy

    Help I can't stop

    I also can not stop buying yarn. I eat sleep and drink yarn. (well, maybe not, but you get the point) I am at JoAnnes about twice a week..and HAVE to check out the yarn section at any other store I might be at. Normally, I do not leave a yarn section with out bringing some home.
  4. crochetcrazy

    Hello From Northern CA

    Hello from Washington state! This is a wonderful place to meet nice friends:manyheart
  5. crochetcrazy

    My Very Own Hat

    I love it!! It turned out great:cheer
  6. crochetcrazy

    womans day crochet/knit mag

    Oh Lordy!! I can't wait:yay This sounds awsome.
  7. crochetcrazy

    Mother-in-Law's Afghan Done

    It's so soft and victorian looking!
  8. crochetcrazy

    Simply Creative Crochet

    After reading these posts, I just had to go see the magazine for myself. I found it right away at JoAnnes. While holding my baby with one hand, I tried to flip through it with the other. It looked really neat! So I bought it. Once I got it home I was able to look at it better. I like it!! I haven't ever seen a crochet magazine with so many neat patterns! I will make the "on a roll" baby ball for my best friend who is having a baby in February, and the man's scarf for my mom's boyfriend, and a smaller version of the sunstruck poncho for my daughter. there's a lot of neat things in there I might make.
  9. crochetcrazy

    Hello from norway

    Hi! I am in Washington state. My grandpa is from Finland. Would like to see Scandinavia some day. Welcome to crochetville:yay
  10. crochetcrazy

    Cloud Nine Sweater/Coat

    Cute Cute Cute!!
  11. crochetcrazy

    Baby sweater & hat

    Very Beautiful:yay
  12. crochetcrazy

    Sweater & Hat with flowers

    I saw the pictures and said "WOW!!" Absolutly beautiful. Your friend is very lucky.
  13. crochetcrazy

    Baby's First Afghan

  14. crochetcrazy

    Santa Claus Poncho

    How CUTE!
  15. crochetcrazy

    yo yo cardigan

    Amazing job! You have a lot of guts to try such an intricate pattern. What a beautiful sweater. Looks gorgeous on your beautiful girl.