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    I have a baby boy born in August and a girl that will be 8 in April 2006. I love yarn & coffee!
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    Olympia, Wa
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    Crochet! Buying yarn. Scrapbooking
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    was a preschool teacher, now i stay home with baby
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    Tote bags, afghans, hats
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    since 1997
  1. Well, it took me a while, but i finally got into the poncho project again...and wow I am loving how it is working up!! I have two flower squares done and 4 of the other..
  2. I havn't been able to work on my poncho recently... still only done one square. This is due to the baby blanket I am making for my best friend's baby due in February. :teddy I will post when I start working on it further.
  3. Hi, from one Finn to another!! I have never been to Finland but my grandpa is from Finland. I would love to see it some day. I live in Washington state. Welcome to Crochetville!!
  4. Thanks! If I were you, I'd go ahead and use the yarn you like to work with. I am using Red Heart Sport. The square I did seemed to turn out just fine too.
  5. Mine is going to be for my daughter's birthday in April. She'll be 8. I am using : Hot pink instead of the Mango, (so half of the poncho squares will be pink) Purple in place of the fuchsia (so the flower part will be purple) Hot green in place of the coral (so the flowers will be wrapped in green)
  6. I also can not stop buying yarn. I eat sleep and drink yarn. (well, maybe not, but you get the point) I am at JoAnnes about twice a week..and HAVE to check out the yarn section at any other store I might be at. Normally, I do not leave a yarn section with out bringing some home.
  7. SCC is the abreviation for the Simply Creative Crochet magazine.
  8. Hello from Washington state! This is a wonderful place to meet nice friends:manyheart
  9. Donna, I am so excited!! This will be my first time doing a CAL. This will be so much fun!!
  10. I love it!! It turned out great:cheer
  11. Oh Lordy!! I can't wait:yay This sounds awsome.
  12. I want to do it too! In fact, I already picked out my colors and did part of a square yesturday. Of course..I will have to put it aside until after my christmas presents are done. Oh, and I'm making a smaller verion for my DD.
  13. It's so soft and victorian looking!
  14. After reading these posts, I just had to go see the magazine for myself. I found it right away at JoAnnes. While holding my baby with one hand, I tried to flip through it with the other. It looked really neat! So I bought it. Once I got it home I was able to look at it better. I like it!! I haven't ever seen a crochet magazine with so many neat patterns! I will make the "on a roll" baby ball for my best friend who is having a baby in February, and the man's scarf for my mom's boyfriend, and a smaller version of the sunstruck poncho for my daughter. there's a lot of neat things in there I might make.
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