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Waaaaaaaa HELP LOL


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Hi Everyone:cheer


Well I was having a great day till I ran out of a certain type of Yarn that Im using to finish my spiral scarf waaaaaaaaaaaa. I got the yarn from the July Xmas Elfs.


Its called Poppy by Tahki Yarns the Orange and Peachy Colors.. Well Ive been on their website and they sell their patterns but not their Yarn :think:eek you have to go to their retailers for that. The problem is No retailers here in Canada.... I did notice they sell to Hirshingers (wrong spelling) does anyone have their website so I can see if they sell it..... I cant find the website for them probably cause I cant spell their name LOL.... I thought of frogging it but because of the type of yearn that it is there is no way Jose it will come undone so Im stuck.:blush

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