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    Sue Myzer
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    Crochet, trying knitting, hockey
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    I love thread, and filet
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    1998, it was how I quit smoking.
  1. I work for the US Coast Guard and I joined the Tunisian along, I have taken the CG emblem and used a graph and am planning on making that. Haven't gotten very far, but it's an idea.
  2. It is very hard, but that is gorgeous! Congradulations on finishing it!
  3. Gorgeous! And glad that you are going a little more beginner, as I would be scared to try some of your designs, but LOVE looking at them!
  4. Welcome from the capital city of Topeka!
  5. Looks to be filet. I have a tablecloth with that same rose pattern is why I say that.
  6. habetlerm: that is gorgeous....looks very time consuming, too. As for the pattern on the other pic, looks like some filet crochet. As a matter of fact, I have the rose pattern on one of my tablecloth patterns.
  7. Look in the "junk" email. She usually emails them, and if your domain does not recognize it, it throws it in the junk, or bulk folder.
  8. Kathy, that is gorgeous. Almost exactly what I have been imagining and looking for! Do you have a pattern for sale for this?
  9. 2 more days and no bid. I don't know who that Michael whoever is anyway!
  10. Would anyone want the December 06 Hooked on Crochet! I just got mine in the mail, and will not make anything in it. I'm willing to mail to the first person to reply.
  11. I just got mine, and I love the filet.....was thinking about changing it to blue for my nephew on the way. Congrats!
  12. Sounds like swatching time!
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