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  1. They are adoreable Thank you so much for posting that
  2. Thanks Andrea Ive been to Michaels a few times also Im just thinking its not out here yet we do get things sometimes a little slower here in Canada so Im just thinking it will probably be out sometime next month...I found all those other books at Chapters I think I cleaned them out LOL...
  3. The way I do that is to just make sure I make the chains looser than I usually do. When making the chain just pull up a little more than you would normally do.
  4. Ok went out hunting today here in Ontario Canada Looking for this book and of course had no luck. We have a Cahpters Book store and Indigo Book store both dont have it. I also was looking for the crochet calendar and no luck there either so I was about to do this .... So instead of getting all bent out of shape about it I just bought a slew of other crochet books I got Hooked on Crochet August 2005 Annies Favorite Crochet August 2005 Crochet Fantasy summer 2005 Quick and Easy Crochet Sept/Oct 2005 Crochet World August 2005 Crochet Sept. 2005 If anyone from Canada Finds the Crochet Pattern a day cal. or the Family Circle Crochet 2005 mag please let me know where you got it at.
  5. The Oatmeal Sweater is to die for
  6. Wow very nice I Love that
  7. Hamilton Ontario Fellow Ontarians wheres the best place you buy your crochet magazines and or books?
  8. I was thinking along the lines of the same thing A place to stash all your money like a penny sack or something
  9. Looks great to me with and without my glasses:hug
  10. He is welcome here in Ontario Canada too
  11. Layna

    Mickey and Minnie

    OMG They are adorable I Love them Great Job:hug
  12. Layna

    Party Wristlet

    I love the way that came out great job
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