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felting / grommet problem - disregard! I figured it out!

happy stitcher

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I've got a bag I made, and I'd planned to use grommets for holes for the handle. The holes are made on one side, so there's no real going back now....


The problem is that the felted fabric is too thick for the post of the grommet. When I try to pound the two sides of the grommet together, it doesn't close around the felt - the post isn't long enough to do the job.


This bag was supposed to be a gift, so I want to make it as sturdy as possible - hence the grommets. But now what? I haven't seen any grommets with extra long posts. Does anybody know if they make those??


If I'm not going to be able to use grommets, what else can I do to strengthen the hole? Sew around it, maybe??


Any suggestions? :think

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:lol I feel like an idiot!

It's been awhile since I used grommets, and I forgot there was a second piece - a back that goes under the front of the grommet while the metal thing to pound goes in the shank.


When I do it right, it works! :blush :blush :blush


Thanks anyway!

Hopefully I'll have a bag to show off soon! :hook

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