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Red Heart Yarns


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The closest town to me that has a Walmart actually has two. One of them is a super walmart, and their selection seems to be shifting a bit to accomodate more of the other yarns (which is both nice because I can then try a pricier yarn sometimes when they sell it cheaper than other places do, and not nice because what is up with their color selection in Red Heart?!?).


The other one--I don't know what's up over there. They've typically carried a ton of super saver, much better selection than the other walmart here, but right now they're remodeling the store into a super walmart and the place is a mess. I haven't ventured into their craft section in a while, but it looked like they were expanding it last time I looked, so I'm hopeful that they won't be cutting down on how many colors super saver they sell...

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