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  1. Am I the only one disappointed that all of Annie's crochet and knit patterns are now DOWNLOAD ONLY? Just saw their latest catalog. Charkitty
  2. Anyone interested in Tatting? The Handy Hands Tatting Newsletter contains several nice tatting patterns. If interested, please email me direct. First come, first served! Charkitty
  3. Free to anyone interested in Love of Crochet Magazine (Winter 2013 issue). Contains lots of nice patterns -- scarves, hat, cowl, gloves, sweaters (including man's sweater) and more. Free to first person who emails me their name and address! Charkitty
  4. Interested in your plastic canvas books (the $6 and $5). Unable to PM so contact me at charware@webtv.net if books still available. Thanks. Charkitty
  5. I don't know what the timeframe is for adding new patterns to CPC, but I do know it's definitely not twice a week. And that Cute Turkey 'featured pattern of the week' has been listed since before Thanksgiving! It's time for a change! All I can say is....Rachel, I miss you so much! Sorry, had to vent. I'll take my meds now. lol! charkitty
  6. Crochetfan: Please email me your address for the "Celtic Crochet" booklet. No PM's ...I cannot access. charkitty
  7. FREE to the first person who emails me: Annie's Attic "Celtic Crochet Accessories" patterns booklet #875524. Booklet includes 12 projects (shawl, cloche & bag, scarf & hat, footed lapghan, evening wrap, poncho, headband & pouch, poncho & scarf). If interested, please email me direct. With recent forum update, I can no longer access PM's. Please include your mailing address. Good luck! charkitty
  8. I'm having lots of problems with the upgrade. Had problems posting. Funny how change is rarely good, but we all learn to deal with it. charkitty
  9. Free Bernat knit and crochet booklets: Bernat "Wrapture" (includes knit & crochet patterns: Knit Capelet; Crochet Capelet; Knit Boa Bag; Knit Rectangular Shawl; Crochet Rectangular Shawl) - uses Bernat Boa and Eye Lash yarns. Bernat "Best Dressed" (includes knit & crochet patterns: Collar & Cuffs (K); Hip Handbag ©; Pom Pom Scarf & Purse (K); Openwork Poncho ©; Tube Poncho ©) - uses Bernat Envy & Disco yarns. If interested email me your address. First come, first served! charkitty
  10. Following free crochet booklets: American School of Needlework #1319 - "Sweetheart Baby Collection to Crochet" (includes: T-Shirt/Overalls; Cardigan & Skirt; Bonnet & Socks; Sweater & Pants; Afghan; Onesie) Annie's Attic "How to Crochet 'N Weave" (includes: Scarf; Hot Pad; Afghan; Coaster. First come, first served! charkitty
  11. $.50-$1.00 is more than fair price. I'm sure your yarn is in much better shape than the crappy/dusty/pilly yarn in my local Walmart which they sell for full-price! charkitty
  12. The bracelet will be in Camp.#15 book. I think Camp. #14 book is out now. I ordered it as a 'demo'. char
  13. Avon has a beaded wrap bracelet which is referred to as 'crochet'. Out of curiosity, I purchased one. Well, the bracelet definitely looks like 'macrame' (not crochet!) to me. Avon seems to have a difficult time correctly labeling items knit or crochet. I understand the term 'knit' can sometimes be used for crochet or knit, but macrame is a totally different thing. Has anyone else seen the bracelet? char
  14. What's the best "stiff" thread that requires little or no starching? I'm looking for a thread (to make earrings/necklaces) that's stiff and will not curl. Also what's the best thread for "drape"? Thanks! charkitty
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