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  1. Am I the only one disappointed that all of Annie's crochet and knit patterns are now DOWNLOAD ONLY? Just saw their latest catalog. Charkitty
  2. I don't know what the timeframe is for adding new patterns to CPC, but I do know it's definitely not twice a week. And that Cute Turkey 'featured pattern of the week' has been listed since before Thanksgiving! It's time for a change! All I can say is....Rachel, I miss you so much! Sorry, had to vent. I'll take my meds now. lol! charkitty
  3. charkitty


    I always liked Walmart's brand yarn. Haven't seen any in years! charkitty
  4. I'm having lots of problems with the upgrade. Had problems posting. Funny how change is rarely good, but we all learn to deal with it. charkitty
  5. $.50-$1.00 is more than fair price. I'm sure your yarn is in much better shape than the crappy/dusty/pilly yarn in my local Walmart which they sell for full-price! charkitty
  6. You guys are lucky to have yarn on sale at WM. The WM in my area has less than a quarter of a rack of RH yarn. The exact same yarn has been there for the last 6 yrs. collecting dust and dirt and it's always full price. WM should pay the customer to buy it! lol! charkitty
  7. The bracelet will be in Camp.#15 book. I think Camp. #14 book is out now. I ordered it as a 'demo'. char
  8. Avon has a beaded wrap bracelet which is referred to as 'crochet'. Out of curiosity, I purchased one. Well, the bracelet definitely looks like 'macrame' (not crochet!) to me. Avon seems to have a difficult time correctly labeling items knit or crochet. I understand the term 'knit' can sometimes be used for crochet or knit, but macrame is a totally different thing. Has anyone else seen the bracelet? char
  9. What's the best "stiff" thread that requires little or no starching? I'm looking for a thread (to make earrings/necklaces) that's stiff and will not curl. Also what's the best thread for "drape"? Thanks! charkitty
  10. "3 hdc decrease into 1" means you are to decrease 3 hdc stitches into 1. Basically, you are turning 3 stitches into 1 stitch. EXAMPLE: insert hook into next stitch; yarn over and pull up loop; insert hook into next stitch; yarn over and pull up loop; insert hook into next stitch; yarn over and pull up loop; now pull hook through all loops on hoop; You have now decreased three hdc into one! Hope this helps! charkitty
  11. Too cute! Love the name Heiferetta! charkitty
  12. Funny, what W-M did to bring in a richer clientele, I viewed as a decline. W-M completely removed all fabric in the stores I go to. The yarn is very limited and it's been the same yarn for the last 5 yrs.! And the prices have all increased for what looks like used yarn. Party Land is a huge chunk of the store (which is really crazy with a Dollar Tree next door!); Fruits and veggie are another chunk of store (even more crazy with a ShopRite next door). I can't imagine what W-M was thinking when they made the drastic changes about 2 yrs. ago. It literally changed what made 'Walmar
  13. Just read a news article that after 8 quarters of financial loss and shoppers, Walmart is trying to get back on track. The losses are due to Walmart dropping brand products, crafts, fabric, etc. Can't believe it took Walmart 2 years to figure this our; thought they were smarter. Hopefully, these items may be back by end of year. In my opinion, Walmart has really declined in the last 3-5 years. The clothes situation is awful! Dropping crafts/fabric/yarn was the last straw. Right now, Walmart has really expanded groceries...not needed...I prefer to go to a supermarket (W-M is not that m
  14. I know some of you do Plastic Canvas. Annie's Attic now has 100% Nylon Plastic Canvas Yarn. Lots of pretty colors! Very nice. I think the original manufacturer of PC nylon yarn went out of business. charkitty
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