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Beads and Felting

Miss Madeline

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I am making a purse that I plan to felt, and I intend on having some beads on it. I WAS going to crochet the beads right on and then felt....but now I am starting to think that my beads might not show up as nicely after it has been felted.

It looks like a lot of felted projects have the embellishments put on after the felting.

I am having nightmares that I am about to make a huge mistake and I would pull my purse out of the wash and all my beads would be gunked up and felty.


So, should I felt then hand sew the beads on...

or crochet the beads into my project then felt it?


Thanks for your help!

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You should make a test swatch using the stitch you plan to use to make the purse. Personally I like the idea of sewing them on after, as you know the design will be centered if it's a design, or all on the correct side if it's an all over pattern of beading, not turned to the 'wrong' side in some cases.

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