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Fiber arts festival


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There was a fiber arts festival here in town this weekend and I dragged my kids to it(they deserved for the way they've been acting lately!) AN found so many beautiful things. There were lots of spinners and rovings(tons of rovings), there was even a table with info about koolaid dying with color swatches!

The only place I can really find wool around here it one LYS and it's very $$$ so I took the oppprtunity to pick some up. I also found a kids learn to crochet book, my daughter wants to learn. And found this 2lb cone of rayon chenille for $6, saves me the shipping buying it from ebay!


I just hope they have it again next year and I won't bring my kids! They also had some amazing needle felters, I would have loved to stay and watch that somemore!

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