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    Stay at home mother of 2 and I run my own business as a photographer
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    Northern Indiana
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    Crocheting, scrapbooking, beading, photography
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    1st - mom 2nd - photographer
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    love to make anything for my daughter, beacause she gets so excited!
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    been crocheting since 1999(probably before but don't remember)
  1. I felted it. I had to wash it 3 times at 6 minutes 2x's and 9 the last time, guess my water doesn't get too hot. It hadn't shrunk as much as I wanted the first 2x's. But looks great now, I just need to get the lining done and the handle put on and I'll get a picture. Thanks!
  2. I thought I had seen a swatch of it felted at Michaels, but was going back and forth between 2 kinds of yarn and couldn't remember which had the swatch. I'll probably just throw caution to the wind and do it. What the heck! It's only yarn!
  3. ***! Brown and turquoise(or teal) are my abosolute favorite colors!!!!!!! That is gorgeous!!!!
  4. I just made a purse from Paton's SWS that's 70% wool and 30% soy. Is it possible to felt that? I think it would look better felted, but does the soy make it unfeltable? Thanks:think
  5. Well I finally just got back into the swing of things. I hadn't picked up a hook since Feb or March and last week I decided to finish a Project Linus blanket I started in January. So I finished it and have done 2 more since then. When I get started, i get STARTED! I've decided to start naming my Linus blankets. So now I have the John Deere blanket(John Deere green), the McDonald's Blanket(red and yellow), and the candy corn blanket(white, yellow and orange striped).I cleaned the room where I keep my boxes of yarn and decided I want to use it for more than just storage, so I need to start using this stuff up. So Project Linus is going to get a lot of blankets from me! No sense in the stuff gathering dust and taking up space!
  6. I sent 2 last week. Have you recieved them?
  7. Space bags rock! Espacially if you get the packable ones meant for your suitcase because you can roll the air out and don't need a vacuum! I can take a smaller suitcase on girl trips than any of my SILs because of those things. Also look for the 2 gallon ziploc bags, you can get quite a bit of yarn in those and roll the air out and those are small enough you can hide a few everywhere!!!
  8. I have 2 ready for you! Just let me know where they need to go!
  9. because I can't use my computer room for anything but yarn storage and if my hubby finds out what is in all the boxes, i'm a dead woman!!
  10. Anything lime and turquoise is an instant love! But also like any blues, brighter pinks, oranges, and purples. LOVE joanns Angel Hair, micro spun, cotton ease, woolease and the new wools from Joanns line.
  11. We have a LYS here, The Yarn Depot. I've been there once to pet only. They are very expensive. I'm too cheap for it. We have Michael's, Walmart, Meijers, Joanns, occassionaly Target, and Hancock. And I visit them all frequently even though I could open my own store!
  12. When mine hurts I find I can lay an ice pack on it and continue to crochet. Also Tylenol Arthritis has done wonders for me( I don't have arthritis!)
  13. COOL! If you're not going to wear it I will!!!
  14. I'm completely screwed! I crochet and do photography. Luckily I get paid for most of the photography, but I have boxes upon boxes of pics of my kids that need to be scrapbooked, Oh yeah did I mention I scrapbook and bead and....
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