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Tapestry Crochet how-to?


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Anyone know of a good online tutorial (or any kind of tutorial) that includes beginner information about how to do tapestry or fairisle crochet?


I've ordered Carol Ventura's "Tapestry Crochet" book but would love to find something else with details of how to hold the yarns, etc., while I'm waiting for the book. A video of any sort would be wonderful. Have looked and looked online and can't find detailed how-to instructions.


Any suggestions of a good resource?


Thanks in advance! :manyheart

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Here is her website, she has links to youtube



In a nutshell, it's nothing new if you have ever worked over a yarn-end to 'hide' it while working in rounds, or if you have changed colors in the middle of a row.


Instead of cutting your thread when changing colors, you just work over the unusued color. You are always working with 2 colors of yarns. Color A is hidden as you crochet over it with color B , when you change colors you bring up color A, and start working over color B.


Have fun!

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