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??? about felting crochet item


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I was wondering, if i made this item for my grandson (12) probably same size as me....



if i used wool yarn & felted it in washer would i use the next size up crochet

hook or not???:think


i NEVER felted anything before & never used wool yarn.:eek

thanks for any suggestions. my grandson was just looking at those types

of gloves at the store yesterday. ... and with my michaels coupon & joann's i thought maybe i would go tomorrow & get some wool yarn for it for him

for Christmas present.:yes


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If he would wear the same size as you would, I'd just make the size that you think would fit you. It looks like it's only lightly felted, so keep a close eye on it and check it often while felting so it doesn't shrink up too much.

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If you're going to felt it, and if you're using pure wool, maybe you can just use a bigger hook so it works up a little bit bigger, because it will shrink some when you felt it. When I felted a purse, here's a before and after, if you can kinda tell the shrinkage, maybe this could help you gauge it some










the top of this pattern doesn't shrink as much because it has another fiber held together with the wool :)

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