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  1. i really hate to sound greedy....but i would give it to myself..my cataracts r getting worse and i have a hard time focusing on my work in any lighting. I think this thing would hellp give some extra light on my work... judy
  2. i would like to thank a very special on-the-road fairy godmother!!!! i rec'd some very nice royale #10 thread. very pretty burgunday, soft yellow, and black....a vintage booklet of doily patterns and a great scarf for these OHIO winters...thank you again sweetie ...u keep on crocheting...and i am glad u r learning to knit.(that is something i wish i could be better at..LOL)
  3. well..never mind ladies..i got it..guess i had DUH?? MOMENT....lol:clap
  4. has anyone here made the springtime coasters that are a free download at ravelry? for the live of me i can NOT figure out row 4...i end up with 12 petals instead of the nine everyone else has...i don't know how to ask this question over there... thanks for any help...i hope this is NOT in any violation of any RULES here... (it is a free pattern but copyrighted???)
  5. thanks Katie and Sarah... will try the center pull with the next one i start...
  6. i am in kitchen dish scrubby:yay mode at the present time...and i bought some peaches n cream on sale at walmart. my question is:think ...are these center pull or do u use them from the outside in?? that is how i have been using them (them rolling around on the couch beside me!!) but i never tried to see if they can be center pull??? anyone know??? thank you in advance...
  7. those look great. i just did a couple of the spirals...
  8. welcome...i am in ohio also....Elyria...about 25 sw of cleveland.
  9. well i found out WHERE i got the picture... right here at the ville...our own Demet made this doily.. but she got it from japanese book, i guess i am out of luck getting it.... thanks anyway ladies...
  10. i don't if this will work...it's been a long time since a posted a pic or such... BUT i am looking for a pattern this a doily called dogwood. if someone knows where i could get this pattern i would appreciate it.. thank u very much. http://s99.photobucket.com/albums/l317/judypudy/2010/?action=view&current=dogwood.jpg"
  11. hello from ohio...u will love it here at crochetville... lots of nice, informative people... wherebouts in louisiana are u??? i have a son down there in patterson, morgan city area. later..judy:cheer
  12. i too have been waiting for this pattern to be written up. i love how it turned out... but alas i can't look at something amd make one like it. LOL some people can. i cant. it doesnt look like the person who made it has posted since 2008. darn.
  13. Marty, welcome:clap i made a really nice winter scarf for my daughter last yr with that angel hair yarn. she wore it the other day....i had almost forgotten about it. it is sooooooooo soft against your skin. i wonder how a hat made with it would be??? gonna have to get some more when it's on sale. judy
  14. :cheerwelcome from another judy in ohio. i'm in Elyria. wherebouts are you in ohio. would be nice if we were VERY close to each other. in need a crochet "buddy" close. later....judy
  15. MERRY, welcome from elyria, ohio. you will LOVE it here. judy:cheer
  16. Pam, your doilies are beautiful. i looked in your album.WOW ALL your work is gorgeous. you are VERY talented. good work. i am currently trying to do the "nosegay" doily myself. judy
  17. that turned out really nice. looks like a lot a work. congrats. judy
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