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Dyeing question?


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Ok so I just got the most amazing doily pattern emailed to me today and I am going to make it for my mom. I have a ton of thread but all white so I was wondering if I can "stain" it with food coloring or cool aid. I know it will wash out but I was making this and then I was going to frame it so that she can hang it on the wall seens how she has some crazy kittens that like to destroy things, so the washing won't be a problem. I just got thinking can I dye with wine? I know I have seen a shirt on here before that was accidentally dyed with wine, how well will that work on cotton?


So can I stain the crochet thread? And if I can should I do it before crocheting or can I do it after I crochet it?

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It really would be staining rather than dyeing.


In general I think for crocheted things it's better to do it before you make it.


I would make sure you move it around in the staining bath lots so you get an even color as possible.


The draw back with staining is it's also not light fast. So if you do frame it, I would make sure it's placed where wouldn't get lots of sunlight because over time it will fade from that as well as.


I recommend procion dyes for dyeing cotton. You can get brilliant colors both color fast and light fast.

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