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    26 year old mom of two boys.
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    Pretty much anything to do with kids.
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    since my grandmother taught me in 2001. RIP Grandma.
  1. thanks! that is a very old blog when I get a chance I will post my ravelry up here. And that pup is Zeus we had to get rid of him when we moved but Istill keep in touch with the people who have him and we now have one of his puppies from the first litter and his name is atlas and he looks like his daddy! I love my pit bulls they are amazing loving dogs! Sending prayers Judy-Bueautiful garden!
  2. Awww Thanks! I have thought of you many times since I have been gone I have a pattern done just have to write it up and get a picture of it but I will definatly need testers Thank you
  3. Thanks everyone for the welcome Things are still slightly hectic we are staying with a friend and trying to get back on our feet but the job market sucks and we are not having much luck. My hubby has talked me into designing stuff again and so I have made a teddy square and I think I am going to start working on making muppet character squares and possibly selling the patterns but unfortunately I am my own worst critic.
  4. Hi ladies! I used to be part of this post a long time ago before my life jumped in the way lol. Was hoping I could get right back in. Since the last time I was on crochetville I moved out had no internet had a baby boy Jakob then got married to Jakobs daddy then got evicted due to husband losing his job and got pregnant again and had little Charlotte and now that she is 3 months old and not having to be constantly held I am back lol.
  5. And seens how I don't have any pictures of Afghans I will share pictures of my little ones
  6. Beautiful! Thanks for the welcome! Well I don't have anything I can share of crocheted projects but I do have pictures of my kiddos absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Hello ladies I would like to join in I have a bunch of projects to do. I am making a hexagon blanket for my mother in law for her birthday and waiting on yarn for a blankie for my little princess. I have been MIA for a while and maybe some of you remember me, alot has been going on I didn't have internet for a while and in that time I have had a little boy Jakob Christopher who is now almost 2 and a little girl Charlotte Hera who is almost 4 months old. So if you guys will have me I would be thrilled to be in this CAL!
  8. Ok sorry this is a bit late but I did 12 knitted newborn hats this weekend. I will post pics later but right now I have to get ready cause I am getting my Ultrasound this morning :clap:clap
  9. LOL I almost forgot about this CAL....I blame baby brain...the fatter I get the less I remember Yes 100 hats before I deliver so far I am at 5 hats I am supposed to be working on a flannelghan but I can't sit down and do anything right now because I am sick almost constantly due to a UTI and the meds that go along with it. It only takes 7 days and I am on my second day so not too long and I should be feeling better, I did make 2 hats today though cause its a small portable thing so I can take it into bed and work on them between the waves of nausea. Oh by the way I am due July 28th an
  10. I'm in. The weekend this runs is a weekend that fiancee has to work so I will be able to do this. I will be knitting hats for babies to take with me when I go into the hospital to have this one. I am hoping to get 100 hats made by the time I go in.
  11. LOL Yeah Zeus isn't quite that size yet but he is about 75-80lbs so hes almost there. His sister just beat him up again this morning and tore open his chin for the third time and yet he does nothing but cower I actually don't pay too much attention to the blankie either...the only time I look down is when I feel a stitch marker cause then I have to kfb of the stitch after the marker, the rest of the time I watch tv But if I had to look at it I would probably get dizzy LOL I agree with Debbie...Can't I just eat a lot of wheaties and say thats good? I don't think the baby bump al
  12. LOL his name suits his looks but in all reality he is a big baby...he can't go to bed with out someone being in the room with him or the light being on... his sister who is the runt of the litter and my parents dog beats up on him and he doesn't fight back...I joke around saying I should have named him suzie. Lol I like anne but my fiance would kill me if I named a boy a girls name even though I call my puppy suzie sometimes when he is being especially dumb
  13. Thanks...would have posted pics on here but it took me forever earlier when I posted LOL he is cute but I am afraid to tell him it might go to his head :lol
  14. LOL sorry I forgot to tell ya'll his name...it's Zeus, origionally hercules but he didn't look too much like a Hercules to me so we renamed him Zeus He is almost a year old he actually has a birthday on St Patty's day
  15. Oh yeah I should post in here.... Actually if you check out my blog I just updated it with a picture of the progress on the Optical Art blankie and the other blankies I did for charity (they are going to a NICU)
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