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any help ~


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:faint FIVE Wheels!!! Are you adopting? :devil Maybe I should start shopping with you, I can't find a single one that doesn't cost a arm and a leg.

I would tell hubby to pick up a hammer and get to work. It would be a good excuse for you to get more stuff and him to use his tools.:lol


LOL I have 5 working wheels , unfortunately I had to get rid of 3 others I just do not have the room :( But I also collect miniatures and salesman samples ! Now I need to excercise the "1 in 1 out" rule unless hubby builds me an addition LOL
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I have found that the yahoo group antique spinning wheels (or something like that - I have the url on my laptop which I dont' have right now) is very helpful in identifying old wheels.


Yahoo Group



Grace's blog:



I have 4 working wheels - 2002 Ashford Traveller, 1970's era Ashford Traditional, late 1800 Great Wheel with minor's head and late 1700 Irish style saxony wheel.




Good luck with your search!

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thanks I have joined that group ~ a few days ago and actually found Grace's blog doing a search ~ I am just now after all these years wanting to find out more and more on the wheels I have. I am ashamed to say I have no clue what kind they are or anything :( However this is now a passion !

Your wheels are beautiful ~



ps .not adopting at this time LOL

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