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  1. You could give my free bunny pattern a shot http://darncatcrochet.blogspot.com/2008/11/baby-snow-bunny.html
  2. darncat

    Where's the moose???

    Here you go http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=319662.0
  3. Here is my free panda pattern http://darncatcrochet.blogspot.com/2007/03/free-pattern-pandy-bear-materials-red.html
  4. I have washed tons of yarn. I bought a HUGE amount from a yard sale and it smelled funny and had stuff in it. It was 2 FULL plastic totes for $16 dollars so I couldn't pass it up, no matter how stinky it was. I unwound it from it's original wrapping on to my skein winder and tied it in several places and tossed it in the wash. Just like you would do when dyeing. Then put it on the clothes line for a few hours untill it got dark and then finished it off in the dryer. I haven't finished it all, but it worked really well. If it didn't have "stuff" in it I would have just put it in some panyhose.
  5. Here you go http://www.craftbits.com/viewProject.do?projectID=2494
  6. I would take the picture and use http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/ to make a gragh and then crochet it according to the chart.
  7. This would be great for Easter. Bet some child would love to get this in their basket.
  8. Your link is for a Single Crochet Decrease. I gave directions for a Slip Stitch Decrese, the difference. You don't YO and pull through 3 loops, you pull the third loop through 2 loops. It creates a much shorter stitch.
  9. Humm, that's odd. Usually when I look on the net I can find an example for people, but not for this.... odd. Well I'll do my best to explain. You would do the same thing you do for a Single crochet decreasase but use Slip Stitches. Insert hook into next stitch, YO pull up a loop, insert hook into next stitch, YO pull up a loop. That last loop you just pulled up, pull that through the loops on the hoop. There you have it.
  10. I am glad that so many people like this bunny. It's being downloaded all around the world.
  11. Here are both of them, one is the old one one is the new. http://home.inreach.com/marthac/links.html http://marthac.info/links.html
  12. Psst.... I'm Free!!! Hop on over to my blog for a free pattern!! http://darncatcrochet.blogspot.com/2008/11/baby-snow-bunny.html
  13. Try this http://www.thesheepshedstudio.com/index.html Her mill ends are nice they are only $7.50 lbs I have bought from her and love every thing I have got.
  14. For those of you how have Ravelry accounts here is the link to the "Rainbow Sheep" made with the pattern I linked in my other post. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheepLass/a-felt-flock-206x-6 For those of you without, here is the link to the blog post of the lady who knitted the sheep. http://www.sheeponmystuff.com/2008/07/17/sheep-sheep-everywhere In progress post http://www.sheeponmystuff.com/2008/07/10/sheep-assembly-line It will give you an idea of how it was made.
  15. I found the pattern for this sheep. It's knitting http://fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/206.html
  16. I pull it as tight as I can and then put a couple knots in the tail close to the last stitch to keep it from getting loose again. Then after a few rounds I pull it again and if there is a bit of slack I put another knot in. Hope that helps.
  17. Oh, This isn't my website. Mine is in my siggy.
  18. darncat

    dog hair.

    If you have hand carders, layer the fur equally with wool and comb it togther. If you don't have carders you can try pet slicker brushes.
  19. Here is a link to a great site that has videos of how the afghan stitch works http://www.nexstitch.com/v_Tutorials.html
  20. Opps, I am so sorry, the email address provided with my blogger profile isn't my main address and I have been away and just now go a chance to look at them. I have sent you an email, directing you to it's location.
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